Hot Water in Hot Tub for ArthritisIf you have long endured the pain caused by arthritis or gout, or have had to bear seeing a family member or friend suffer from it, then you will be pleased to know that the Arthritis Foundation highly recommends the hydrotherapeutic and medicinal effects of a hot tub for people afflicted with arthritis and gout.

People who suffer from arthritis have a very difficult time moving, and by submerging in the warm water in the hot tub, they can get some relief from the pain and help them do the tasks which were previously impossible, like exercising without discomfort and pain.

Of course, as with any new activity, if you want to explore the benefits of exercising in portable hot tubs, you should consult your doctor first to make sure that there would be no adverse reactions whatsoever.

Once your doctor has given the go signal, then you may start exercising and enjoying the anti-arthritis benefits of portable hot tubs. If you're not used to the warm waters of portable hot tubs, then don't worry because you can regulate the temperature in the portable hot tubs so your body will get used to immersing in warm water. The warm water contained in the hot tub will warm up your muscles as well as your body to make it ready for the gentle exercise to come. This is one of the benefits of a hot tub for people with arthritis – it lets them get some exercise in to help strengthen the muscle as they enjoy the relaxing freedom of movement in the water inside the hot tub. An extra bonus is the luxurious feeling of soaking in the warm water of portable hot tubs, because as we know, these systems have become quite a status symbol through time.

Do remember that it is very important to take things little by little when exercising in the warm waters in portable hot tubs or in the cool water of a swimming pool for that matter, because of several reasons:

  1. As with any other exercise regimen, there's the risk of straining your muscles if you're are not aptly warmed up before exercising, may it be in the waters of a hot tub or in dry land.
  2. Second is the fact that you can over-exert yourself in pools or portable hot tubs by doing an exercise too much or for too long. Exercising to that extent won't be of any help to an exercise program, and instead can be detrimental to your well-being.
  3. Don't take things easily after an exercise; remember that during this time, your muscles have stretched and worked itself, therefore it is vital to keep them warm for a while before leaving the hot tub to let your muscles relax before going out into the cool air.

The fact that the people with arthritis are able to move with a lot lesser pain in portable hot tubs is nothing shy of miraculous. People who suffer from it are in constant pain and a lot of it is related with the mere fact that there is the gravitational pull in the world we dwell in. This is significantly relieved when they are immersed in the waters of a hot tub. The warm water in portable hot tubs are an wonderful benefit because it makes the blood vessels dilate, which allows for more oxygen and blood to run to the muscles, skin, and especially, the heart. Indeed, a little warm water relaxation in a hot tub goes a long way in providing relief against arthritis.