Bring a great jumping workout into the comfort of your home with an indoor trampoline. Indoor trampolines will provide you with an excellent workout, as well as providing your children with a means of getting rid of some excess energy when the weather is poor.

An indoor trampoline is nothing more than a smaller version of the outdoor trampoline. They are smaller in diameter, and closer to the ground. They are typically about three feet across, and the mesh is close enough to the ground that most people can easily step up onto it. Some indoor trampolines include convenient and safe handles that can be held onto when jumping. These are ideal for people of any age to use for exercising. There are also some indoor trampolines that are larger, measuring six feet across. These also have a railing around them, giving them the appearance of being a trampoline with a play yard fence surrounding it. These are designed for use by small children, and can be a great option for families with young children.

There is no better exercise for cellulite than jumping. Whether you are jumping rope, doing jumping jacks, or jumping on a trampoline does not matter. The jumping action will help to break up and smooth out unsightly cellulite.

Jumping on a trampoline will help you lose weight and tone up. You can jump straight up and down. A better option to work on your sides and love handles is to twist your legs from side to side as you are jumping. Hold small workout weights in your hands and you can also enjoy an upper body workout as you lightly bounce.

Children love to jump. Having a trampoline provides your children with a proper area to jump in and on. They will literally wear themselves out on that trampoline. But they will do it safely, without endangering your collectibles or shaking the foundation of your house.

With an indoor trampoline, all of these benefits can be brought indoors and enjoyed year round. Merely jumping on a trampoline can become redundant. With an indoor trampoline set up in front of a TV, you can jump during your favorite shows. You will get in a thirty minute workout without feeling bored. Your children will be able to use the trampoline year round, regardless of weather conditions.

An indoor trampoline is a great option for people of all ages. A multi-functional tool, it can be used as entertainment for the children and an exercise tool for you. They are small and lightweight, allowing them to be easily moved around and stored. They are also a much less expensive and functional choice than most other types of work-out equipment.