What are the benefits of an L-shaped bath combined with a shower, as opposed to the traditional stand-alone bath?

The L-shaped bath is becoming more and more popular. Found in hotel rooms, bed and breakfasts, Inns and personal households up and down the country, the appeal is growing all the time as people discover the many benefits. With the assortment of modern bath designs now on the market, the choice for customers is both enticing and potentially confusing. So what are the benefits of an L-shaped bath and what do you need to consider before you have one installed?

The main draw of an L-shaped bath is that you can enjoy your shower within a prescribed area of the bath that has been especially widened. This means that you have all the more space to wash, stretch and enjoy your daily routine. The baths are described as either right or left handed, a term simply used to explain which side of the bath the shower area is situated on. Whether you choose a right or left handed design will obviously depend on your bathroom and which corner of the room you would like it fitted in.

With many L-shaped baths, entry to the shower area is directly under the showerhead. This means that there is easy access to the shower area enabling easier, more convenient washing. It means that there is no need to get your toes wet before the rest of your body is also under the water stream.

The L-shaped bath is also a beautiful example of ergonomic design. Taking full advantage of your corner space, the L-shaped bath fits with your bathroom like no other design. By combining the bath and shower in one, you are saving on space without compromising on comfort. And comfort comes with the L-shaped bath in abundance. As an added bonus which increases comfort, normally the plug hole in an L-shaped bath is outside of the bath shape, meaning that you can stretch out whilst you are in the bath without have the bath plug bothering you.

With the combination of bath and the shower in one clever design, costs can be kept down to a minimum. There are normally two sizes available for the L-shaped bath: 1500mm or 1700mm. Both types can include in the price a shower screen and white bath panel, but tend not to include taps and waste water outlet. This type of bath is normally fully reinforced with fibreglass and thus extremely durable yet cost effective.

The L-shaped bath fits into any bathroom design. Whether you have a traditional looking bathroom, or one with a more modern feel, the L-shaped bath can complement any bathroom and often makes both financial and common sense.

L-shaped baths