When you are in the great outdoors, you must be prepared for any situation. For this reason, experts recommend that you carry a survival knife, such as a Gerber LMF II survival knife, at all times. The military carries this type of knife as do hunters, fishermen, campers and backpackers. Anytime you go exploring, make sure you take your knife along. The right knife can help you to do a number of things. You can build a raft, set a trap to catch dinner or cut wood for a fire. Having the right tools allows you to fully make use of the resources you are able to find. A knife of this type is also very handy for everyday use.

A Gerber survival knife will be of great aid if you find that you need to construct a functional shelter. Even if you don't have a sleeping bag, tent or other items necessary to protect you from the elements, a good knife will help you to build a temporary structure until help can arrive. The knife will also come in handy when you are out on the water for a day trip or when hunting for food for your family or for sport.

Health and safety is of concern when you are in the great outdoors. Choose a Gerber LMF II knife and staying safe and healthy will be easier. If you have forgotten bug spray, construct a provisional mosquito net or cut some herbs and make a natural remedy to keep the critters away. The knife may also be used to construct a container to keep food and water protected if the containers you brought have been lost or went overboard accidentally. Of course, your knife can also be used for other purposes, such as for spearing fish, gathering fruit or protecting yourself if you are attacked in any way.

The Gerber LMF II infantry knife is a great choice. Jeff Freeman, formerly of the military, designed this 10-inch knife which features a partially serrated blade. The knife may be converted to a spear or used as a hammer and comes with a plexiglass punch. An integrated sharpener is included in the sheath and the pointed buttcap may be used to pierce glass when you need to escape a vehicle of any type. Compare this to the Gerber Prodigy to determine which will better meet your needs. No matter which you opt to go with, take a survival knife with you whenever you head out. By doing so, you increase your chances of survival if something does go wrong.