Piranha Bodyguard Automatic Knife(115660)

When you are heading to the outdoors, there are several items that need to be packed. The first one, of course, is enough food and water for all involved, as well as an emergency ration in case issues arise. Secondly, you need to make sure that you have an exact map of where you are going, and a full idea of how to get there. Thirdly, you need a good, high quality knife for your excursion. Whether you are going out hunting, camping, fishing, or just looking to go out for a hike, a knife is something that is needed for a variety of reasons. Not just any knife will do, you need one that can do the tasks that are needed to be done. A Piranha Bodyguard knife is one example of a knife that was designed for these multi-use outdoor excursions, and should be considered when you are in the market for a knife.

Design and Features

The Bodyguard was designed in the style of the old "stiletto" knives that were popular several decades ago. These designs feature a pointed edge that allows you to cut just about anything that you would come across in your daily life, which means that it is perfect for the outdoors. Some additional features of the Bodyguard include the 3 1/8" blade that is connected to a ribbed aircraft aluminum handle with a type III hard coat that is as grip-worthy as it is durable. The compact design bodes well for camping, as does the fact that it fires quickly and locks tight.

Uses in The Outdoors

When you take a knife on a outdoor trip, you are going to have many needs for it. Essentially, you are going to have the knife on you at all times for a variety of odd jobs during the trip. This includes basic stuff like cutting string, rope and twine, as well as cutting and preparing meats and vegetables for dinner. In addition, you may need it for fishing and hunting reasons, as well as for cutting through small pieces of wood for fire and shelter. For all of this, you need a knife that isn't just sharp, but can also be controlled with relative ease.

Bodyguard vs. Excalibur

When you take a quick look at the Amazon Bodyguard and compare it to the Excalibur, you may notice a lot of similarities in the way that the two look and operate. While there are similarities in size and up-front speed, there are slight differences, such as the way that the handles are designed (the Bodyguard is designed with more grooves for grip), as well as the fact that the Bodyguard also features more dual-blade options as well. Either style of knife will work well for outdoor use. The one you choose all depends on your personal preference.

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