Having trouble with those earbuds falling out? Maybe you'd just like better quality of music during a drive? That's just what portable speakers were made for. In times when you want to access your player's music, but with a boost to the sound quality, smaller portable speakers can give you what you need.

One of the things that differentiates portable styles of speakers from larger, less mobile ones is the use of electricity. With normal speakers, you need a dedicated power cord and source. With travel speakers, just plugging them in to your music peripheral will often provide all the electricity that's needed.

No matter how small or convenient the speakers are, you'll also want them to have a good sound. There's no need to compromise on this, since even the most portable of speakers can give great sound if constructed competently. Through reviews and opinions from others, you can sort the good-sounding models from the bad-sounding ones. Anything that advertises output-upgrading features is also to be looked on positively.

You'll find that bass is often missing on smaller speakers. It's problematic to include in a cost and space-effective way for speakers intended for mobile use. This shouldn't be troublesome if you don't particularly enjoy significant bass usage on music. But for enthusiasts of bass, you'll need to take more care than usual in selecting a model that actually supports it.

Did you know that many mobile speakers can also use your phone for playing music? This is becoming more common, though not every single model can do so just yet. Speakers that can do this will probably require an adapter for the job, which may or may not be included with them. If you have a phone with Bluetooth, you should look for Bluetooth speakers particularly.

A wide angle of volume projection is something that will help keep your speaker enjoyable to use. Besides that, the volume should also be capable of a high level of pure loudness. Together, these two factors will help make your speakers actually sound like speakers, rather than larger more distant headphones.

Many small speakers lack a rugged construction. Portable travel speakers can often break or bend in unexpected ways when treated too roughly. Do you want your speakers to last a long time? Then be careful about where you place them, and try to avoid putting them under any unnecessary strain. In particular, the hinges for folding cases and covers are often vulnerable.

While the best models of speakers with mobility are around fifty dollars, those aren't the only ones available. In fact, most speakers for this niche cost twenty-five to thirty. The cheapest twenty dollar speakers may lack raw power, but even so there's no questioning the price efficiency for what you get.