Buying subwoofers for your car can be quite confusing because there are many popular and reputable speaker brands, as well as many different wattages for the speakers. However reading up on a few reviews will definitely help you to buy the best possible subwoofer for your car. This article is dedicated to showing you the best 12 inch Kicker subwoofers for your car; these specific speakers will literally rumble your trunk!

It is a known fact that 12 inch Kicker subwoofers can be quite expensive; there are many subwoofer brands such as Pioneer, Kenwood, and Rockford Fosgate that sell cheaper subwoofers for your car. Unfortunately, with cheaper subwoofers come a greater chance of blowing. What is the purpose of saving $60 on a subwoofer for your car when the money is going to go down the drain when the subwoofer coil blows in a few months. The idea behind these 12 inch Kicker subwoofers is that you will spend a bit more money once to reap the benefits of a better subwoofer for your car for nearly a lifetime.

The CompVR 4 Ohm Is One Of The Most Powerful 12 Inch Kicker Subwoofers

Although some people strive for a moderately powered subwoofer to add a little bit of bass to their music, some other people want the whole neighbourhood to hear their speakers when they are arriving home. The CompVR 4 Ohm subwoofer is designed for the latter types of people! The Kicker CompVR 4 Ohm subwoofer contains 400 watts of RMS power, Kicker CompVR 12 Inch SubwooferCredit: Amazon.commaking it one of the most powerful 12 inch Kicker subwoofers on the market!

In addition, you will not want to buy a subwoofer for your car that has a lot of power, but does not look good inside of your trunk. In addition to being one of the most powerful speakers that the Kicker brand offers, the CompVR 4 Ohm subwoofer is one of the best looking 12 inch Kicker subwoofers that is for sale.

The final selling point for this specific subwoofer is its moderate price. This specific Kicker subwoofer can be found on websites like Amazon, Ebay, and Kijiji for less than $100. That means that you will be spending less than $200 for two s12 inch subwoofers for your car....what a deal!

The Kicker Comp SVC Is One Of The Cheapest 12 Inch Kicker Subwoofers

Kicker takes pride on the durability, and power that their subwoofers produce; howevKicker 12 Inch Single Voice Coil Car SubwooferCredit: Amazon.comer, they are not the cheapest subwoofers on the market. The Kicker Comp SVC provides a great bang for the buck that you are spending; in addition, it is one of the cheapest 12 inch Kicker subwoofers on the market.

These are not the subwoofers that you should be looking for if you want the amount of bass that will literally rattle the screws in your trunk; however, this specific Kicker subwoofer will provide you with a decent amount of bass, and will not break your bank account. 

So what is the price of these 12 inch Kicker subwoofers? Under $60! If you are only looking for a single subwoofer in your trunk, you can buy the Kicker Comp SVC for under $60 on Amazon!

Will These 12 Inch Kicker Subwoofers Blow?

One of people’s main concerns when buying subwoofers for their cars is how long that they will last before they blow! Many Two 12 Inch Kicker Dual Voice Coil SubwoofersCredit: Amazon.comthings can blow inside of a subwoofer when you are pushing them to their limits. I can personally tell you that the 12 inch Kicker subwoofers that are featured throughout this article will not blow in a short amount of time. Moreover, I can tell you that they will never blow if you do not push them to their limits.

How can you protect your 12 inch Kicker subwoofers from blowing? Simply pair them up with a slightly weaker car amplifier, or reduce the output of an equally powered amplifier.

For instance, the Kicker CompVR subwoofers that are mentioned at the beginning of this article contain 400 watts of RMS power; pairing these subwoofers with an amplifier that produces 800 watts will surely blow them after only a few hours of playing. However, pairing these Kicker subwoofers up with an amplifier that only produces a maximum of 300 watts of RMS power will allow you to run the amplifier at its full potential, and not blow the subwoofers.

Kicker 11S12L34 12 Sq. Subwoofer 4 Ohm Dvs Rohs
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(price as of Aug 12, 2016)

The 12 inch Kicker subwoofers that are mentioned throughout this article are designed to withstand a ton of abuse. These subwoofers for your car might cost you a few extra dollars, but will outlast the subwoofers by Pioneer, Kenwood, and Rockford Fosgate by years! With that being said, be sure to consider the two specific Kicker subwoofers that are mentioned in this article to get the best bang for your buck, and ultimately be absolutely satisfied with the speaker purchase that you have made!