It can be tough choosing the best 22 LCD TV to buy. Television sets in this range can offer excellent picture quality and decent sound, but they will never have the features that the higher-end models have. Because of that some people need to adjust their expectations when they go shopping for a 22 inch HDTV. These sets are usually meant to be the second television in the home, and are often in the bedroom or the basement instead of the living room. This size of set is best viewed from approximately four feet away. It is a great size for a dorm room. Many companies, such as Vizio, Toshiba, and Samsung have 22 inch models. To pick out the best one for you, consider your price range, brand reliability, and features.

Vizio M220VA 22 LCD TV

TVizeo 22 LCD TVhe current 22 inch bestseller on Amazon is the Vizio M220VA. It has a list price of $350, but sells for just under $300. Its affordable price is one thing that many people love about this HDTV. Its dimensions are 20.6 by 2.1 by 14.1 inches and it weighs just under seven pounds. It gets an average rating of four stars on Amazon.

Many LCD TVs in this size are only 720p. This model, though, is full HD which is 1080p. This means that the picture quality is crystal clear and the best feature about this model. It has a dynamic contrast ratio of 20,000:1. It has a matte instead of glossy finish. While some people prefer glossy, matte is superior for most lighting conditions. It reduces glare and is especially good in rooms where there is a lot of natural light. One of its features is a digital ambient light sensor which adjusts the set's brightness based on the lighting conditions of the room.

It doesn't have a ton of inputs, but it does have as many as most people will need. There is an optical in for hooking up a sound system. It has a USB which is nice if you want to view pictures on your TV. It also has 2 HDMI, 1 component, 1 composite, and 1x VGA w/ Audio. Keep in mind that the component and the HDMI are located on the back if you are mounting this to a wall.

The main negative of the Vizio M220VA 22" LCD TV is the sound quality. It is adequate, but not great. This is a problem with many television sets, especially smaller models. Hooking it up to an external sound system is your best bet. Also try adjusting the settings to get the clearest possible sound.

Toshiba 22CV100U 22-Inch LCD/DVD Combo TV

Toshiba 22 LCD TVAnother four star television set that is in the running for the best 22 LCD TV is the Toshiba 22CV100U. This is a popular choice because it has a built-in DVD player on the side. Its list price is $350, but it does sell for cheaper. Its dimensions in inches are 8.5 x 21.7 x 15.9 and it weighs 13 pounds.

It is high definition but it is 720p instead of the superior 1080p that the Vizio is. At this size I don't think there is that great of a difference between the two resolutions. You will still get a clear and beautiful picture on a 720p 22 inch screen. It has a contrast ratio of 1000:1. So, if picture quality is the most important feature to you and you want the best stats, go with the Vizio instead. If you are upgrading from a nonHD set or an older model, you will probably be quite pleased with the picture quality.

This model has plenty of inputs, including 2 HDMI with one being on the side and one on the back. Other connections include a composite A/V, a component, PC input, RF, digital audio output, analog audio input, and a USB port.

The best feature of the Toshiba 22CV100U is the integrated slot-loading DVD player. This is on the side of the television set and is easy to use. In addition to playing regular DVDs, it also plays DVD-R/RWs, CDs, CD-R/RWs, and VCD media.

The sound quality is decent, but if you want good quality you will have to hook it up to external speakers. Even inexpensive speakers can give you better sound quality. Be sure to adjust the audio settings whether or not you are using speakers so that you will get the clearest sound.

Samsung LN22C350 22" HDTV

Samsung 22 Inch LCD TVAnother good option for a 22 inch LCD TV is the Samsung LN22C350. With three and a half stars, it doesn't have as good as a rating as the other brands, but as the happy owner of a 22" Sansung LCD HDTV, I had to include it. This model retails for $330, but you can find it on sale for under $300. So it is an affordable option for most families. Its dimensions in inches are 6.8 x 21.1 x 16.6 and it weighs just over 9 pounds.

It doesn't have as many inputs as the other models, so skip this brand if having a lot is important to you. It does have one HDMI, so you'll be able to hook up your video game system. It also has component and PC input.

The main complaint about this model is its tinny sound. I agree that the sound quality isn't that great, but I've always used external speakers so I have no complaints. If you don't want to buy external speakers, try adjusting the sound settings to find one that is the clearest. It will be fine for watching sitcoms, but you might want to watch your action movies on a different set.

Where should you buy your new 22" LCD TV? Most electronics stores will have some models available, though they prefer to sell larger screens. Online will typically give you the best deals and the greatest selection. Look for a place that offers free shipping and a transparent return policy, like Amazon.

If you are tight on space, you might do better with a 15 inch LCD TV. If you are looking for more features and have the space for a slightly larger screen size, a 27 inch LCD TV might be a better purchase for your home. Otherwise, the best 22 LCD TV is one that fits your budget and offers you the features you most want in a television set.