When it comes to buying a TV there are literally hundreds of options. A 24" TV is a perfect fit for a child's bedroom, a kitchen, an office, a small room, or even used a monitor for a computer.

Furthermore, investing in an LED television can be a much smarter decision. LED televisions offer the brightest color, slimmest design and the least power consumption.

Here's the best 24" LED TV's for under $200 dollars.

Vizio E240AR LED Lit Razor HDTV

Vizio 24Credit: www.amazon.comThe E240AR LED TV from Vizio features razor LED for a vibrant and brilliant color display while keeping the TV extremely slim and lightweight. Overall the TV is an amazing 2.1" thin and weighs only 7 pounds.It runs at 60 HZ (720p) and is one of the most energy efficient TV's available. The Ambient Lighting Technology will automatically adjust the screen brightness in any room, while the SRS Studio Sound will deliver impressive sound and level volume.

The E240AR comes standard with one HDMI port for your gaming system or Blu-ray player. At under $200 dollars, Vizio has packed in amazing value that still remains light on the wallet.

Toshiba 24L4200U 1080P LED TV

Toshiba 24Credit: www.amazon.comThis 24" LED TV from Toshiba presents an impressive 1080p full HD picture at 60 HZ. Two HDMI ports, a PC input and a USB slot are all standard on this sleek set. It weighs in at just under 10 pounds and features Audyssey Sound for exceptional sound quality. Again, with LED's you will get a great bright picture while being extremely energy efficient. The 24L4200U LED TV is perfect for the person who wants a high quality TV with lots of connection options.

Panasonic Viera TC-L24X5 1080P LED/LCD TV

Panasonic 24"Credit: www.amazon.comPanasonic Viera TV's are known for their crisp lines and bright displays and the TC-L24X5 is no exception. This LED screen produces the highest quality 1080p image at 60 HZ. Panasonic has packed in an HDMI port, USB slot, PC input and a great Game Mode into this 24" LED TV. It weighs in at just under 9 pounds and is a mere 3.9" thick.


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