Many people are looking for the best 32 inch LCD TV for their home. This is a popular size because it is large enough to go in the living room or den but still small enough to go into an entertainment armoire in the bedroom. The best viewing distance for screen these sizes is between four to eight feet. If you are looking for a simple model without many bells and whistles you'll have to spend anywhere from $300-$500. For models with more features you'll have to pay a bit more. Electronics companies such as LG, Samsung, and Westinghouse all have models in this price range.

Samsung 32 Inch LCD TV

LG 32LD350 32 Inch LCD TV

One contender for the title of best 32 inch LCD TV is the LG 32LD350. This television set is currently the best-selling 32" model on Amazon where it has a four and a half star rating. It retails for just under $500 but can be found at a decent discount. The dimension of this set in inches is 2.9 x 31.5 x 20 and it weighs just over 18 pounds.

This is not in full HD, which is 1080p. Instead it has a resolution of 720p. At this size there is little difference between the two and it doesn't make sense to pay a lot of extra money for something you won't even notice. In fact, some people even have problems with how 1080p displays at this size. It has a 50,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and it has fairly deep blacks and vibrant colors. The picture quality is nice, but LG does have higher end models which have a larger dynamic contrast ratio and better picture quality.

It has two HDMI connections, with one on the rear and the other on the side. A USB connect is also on the side. All of the other connections are in the rear, including composite A/V, component, PC input, PC audio input, RF, digital audio output, RS-232c input, and headphone.

The sound is decent, but not as good as you will get with external speakers. A home theater system is a good investment to make. If you don't have external speakers, you'll want to spend some time adjusting the audio settings until you find the one that gives you the best sound. An action movie will probably need different settings than the evening use.

Samsung LN32C450 32 Inch LCD HDTV

Another choice in 23 inch LCD television sets is the Samsung LN32C450. It has over 20 ratings and a average rating of four stars. It has a suggested list price of $550, but most retailers will sell it at a decent discount. In inches its dimensions are 22 x 30.9 x 10.8 and it weighs a little more than 21 pounds, less without its stand.

It has a refresh rate of 60 Hz, which is fairly standard in television sets although some higher end models have rates of 120 Hz. But it is rare to find that rate in a 32 inch or smaller set. Its dynamic contrast ratio of 60,000:1 is slightly better than the LG model, but most people probably won't be able to tell the difference. In theory, however, this should lead to brighter colors and deeper blacks. Like the LG it has a resolution of 720p. So it is high definition but the not the best possible. If that matters to you, you should be looking at larger TV sets. This has an excellent picture quality as long as you aren't sitting right on top of the TV.

It should have all of the connections that you need, including three HDMI connections. Two of these are on the side and one is in the back. The USB is also on the side. The other connections, such as the PC input, are all on the back.

Westinghouse LD-3255VX 32 Inch LED HDTV

The last model you may want to consider is the Westinghouse LD-3255VX. This has over 20 customer reviews and a four star average rating. Its list price is just under $500, which makes it comparable in cost to the LG. Of course, you will never have to pay list price for a television set. It weighs 14.6 pounds and has dimensions of 30.3 x 7.8 x 21 inches.

This model is a bit different from the others because it has an all-LED backlit design. Many people prefer LED because it is lighweight and slim. This also allows the HDTV to be energy efficient, using less energy than a 60 watt lightbulb.

Like the other models listed here, this has a resolution of 720p, so it is high definition. It does, however, have a superior dynamic contrast ratio of 100,000: 1. This allows it to have deep and vibrant colors as well as true blacks.

Most LED backlit LCD screens are more expensive than the normal LCD screens because the technology is newer and superior. So it is quite rare to find an LED HDTV in this price range. Westinghouse isn't as major an electronics company as Samsung, but they are well-known and liked.

It has 2 HDMI inputs, which should be enough for most people. If you need more than that, look into the Samsung or spend a bit more money on a higher model.

Any search for the best 32 inch LCD TV will be a weighing of price versus performance. While the 32 inch LCD TV is good for many people, some need a smaller size so it will fit into their entertainment stands. Along those lines, you may also want to consider the 26 LCD TV, the 22 LCD TV, the 27 inch LCD TV, or even the 15 inch LCD TV.

When you do decide on a brand and model, the next stop is finding out where you can get it for the best price. Because many people want to be able to watch their new HDTV right away, they head out to the electronics store or to the nearest big box store. This will get it to you fastest but you often have to pay a premium price for the convenience. If you truly want the cheapest price on a 32 inch LCD TV, you should look online. Many online electronics retailers have good prices and knowledgeable sales staff that can help you with your questions. If price is the most important thing to you, shop at a discount retailer like Amazon. They often have free shipping, or you can pay extra to get it delivered right away.