People who are looking for the best 37 inch LCD TV want the most features for the lowest price. Choosing the right HDTV for your home can be tricky because better specs don't always lead to a noticeably better viewing experience. Start by deciding on your budget and then look at the options in your price range. This will keep you from spending more than you originally intended.

This size of television can fit in almost any room. The 37 inches is large enough for most living rooms or family rooms. It may be too big to fit in a regular-sized bedroom, but it is the perfect fit in the master bedroom or in a dorm room. For the best viewing experience you should sit six to eight feet away from the television set.

Samsung 37 Inch LCD TV

Samsung LN37C530 37 Inch LCD TV

Most people decide that the Samsung LN37C540 is the best 37 inch LCD TV for their money. In addition to being the best-selling model in this size, it has an average rating of four and a half stars on Amazon. Its list price is just under $700, but you can find it for under $650. In inches the set has the following dimensions: 9.4 by 35.9 by 24.2. It weighs a little under 32 pounds with the stand.

The resolution of the Samsung LN37C53037 is 1080p. This is considered full HD and is the best on the market. While smaller television sets will look good in 720p, at this size 1080p does make a difference in the picture quality. It has a refresh rate of 60 Hz, which is fairly standard in 37 inch screens. It has a dynamic contrast ratio of 80,000:1, which is very good but it could be a bit higher.

It has all of the inputs that you should need, including two components and PC inputs. There are also three HDMI connections, with two on the back and one on the side. There is also a USB connection on the side, which is convenient if you have any media stored on an external hard drive.

The sound quality is pretty good for television speakers. True audiophiles will of course still want to set up external speakers so they have a complete home theater setup, but more casual viewers will probably be happy with the sound from the set.

LG 37LD450 37 Inch LCD HDTV

While the LG 37LD450 doesn't sell quite as well as the Samsung, it too has a four and half star rating and is equally liked by its customers. The list price of the two are the same, so look at discounts to find the best deal. At the time of writing this, the LG was on sale for under $600, but HDTVs can fluctuate in price on a daily basis. Its dimensions are 3" x 36" x 22.6" and it weighs 23.8 pounds. So this model is slightly slimmer and lighter-weight than the Samsung.

This is also full HD which is a resolution of 1080p. The dynamic contrast ratio is better than the first model listed at 100,000:1. This means that the picture is quite clear and sharp with vibrant colors and deep blacks. The refresh rate is the same as the Samsung's at 60 Hz.

It only has two HDMI connections, with one on the rear and one on the side. This is enough for most families, but if you need three you should go with a different brand. It does have several other types of connections, including a USB input on the side and one composite A/V on the side and one on the back. The back also has the component input, the RF, the digital audio output, the PC input,and the PC audio input.
There is little difference between the first two models, which is why they can both claim the title of the best 37 inch LCD TV. From the stats, the LG should have a slightly better picture quality. Other than that brand preference and price are the only thing that really sets these two apart.

Panasonic TC-L37X2 37-Inch LCD HDTV with iPod Dock

I don't think that the Panasonic TC-L37X2 can claim to be the best 37 inch LCD TV. So why would I put it on this list? Because you can find it for much cheaper than the other two models and it is great for anyone who is wanting something slightly larger than a 32 inch screen but doesn't want to pay much extra for it. This model does retail for over $600 but at the time of this review it was available for under $500, making it the cheapest HDTV of this size on the market. And while it doesn't have a lot of customer reviews, it does currently have a five star rating so those that do own it are happy with it.

The main reason I don't recommend this LCD HDTV is that it is only 720p instead of the full 1080p. The dynamic contrast ratio is only 20,000:1, which is a bit low for a model this size. While I think 720p can provide beautiful pictures on a smaller screen, I think the difference is noticeable once you get to this size. The picture isn't bad, it just isn't as good as it could be. While I think the difference is slightly noticeable, people who currently own standard definition televisions or 720p TV sets should still be happy with the picture. And for many people the slight quality difference isn't enough to justify a larger price tag, so they will love the Panasonic TC-37X2.

The features on this HDTV are quite nice, particularly the iPod dock. Just place your iPod or your iPhone on the dock and you'll be able play any video or music stored on it through your television set. You can control this all through the remote.

If you can decide on the best 37 inch LCD TV, you might want to look into the 32 inch LCD TV. These have less features but are cheaper. When you do decide on which model you want to buy, the next step is finding it at the best price. Because 37 inch LCD TVs aren't as popular as 32 and 42 inch models, you won't find a large selection at retailers and department stores. Online will probably be your best bet. There are many online electronics retailers or you can go to a discount store such as Amazon. Amazon often has the cheapest prices and offers free shipping.