When it comes to traditional DVD's and the newer blu ray format, bluray media is definitely the future and has really become the leading media in the market. The great feature of this new technology players is that along with playing blurays, they also play standard DVD's.

Blu ray players offer the best sound and picture while also having built in applications like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube among others. They can also produce 3D images with the use of 3D glasses.

Here's the best 3D blu ray players for under $100 dollars.

Sony BDP-S590 3D

Sony Blu Ray PlayerCredit: www.amazon.comWith this exceptional product from Sony, you can enjoy full 1080p HD movies, including 3D movies. This slim designed player also has built in wi-fi to enjoy built in music, tv and comedy channel like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and Pandora. Besides coming with a standard remote, you can also use your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone as a control device.

This player even comes with Facebook and Twitter so you can chat while enjoying a movie or TV show. It comes with your basic HDMI port, a coaxial port and a digital optical output.

Panasonic DMP-BDT 220 3D Blu Ray Player

Panasonic Blu RayCredit: www.amazon.comPanasonic offers a nice player for under $100 dollars with the DMP-BDT 220. It outputs full 1080p HD resolution while also having the ability to display 3D film with 3D glasses. It has built in wi-fi for all your streaming needs and has pre-loaded applications like Netflix and YouTube.

It comes with a basic remote but also offers the ability to use any smartphone as a full keyboard or remote. It comes with an HDMI port, optical audio, LAN connection, RCA connection and composite video.

LG BP 620

LG Blu Ray PlayerCredit: www.amazon.comThe BP 620 from LG is a reliable product with a sleek black design and clean look. It will play all your favourite movies in brilliant full 1080p HD resolution, including 3D. This player will even up-convert standard DVD's to 1080p.

With the built in wi-fi, this device will stream content to the built in applications like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and many others. The LG BP 620 comes with your standard HDMI port, LAN port, USB input and a composite video out.