There are literally hundreds of 80's Halloween costume that you can choose from; however, I am not going to type out a list of all of the things and people that you can dress up as. This article is geared towards showing you the best 1980's costume to wear to your next Halloween party! There are a ton of signs and symbols that represent the 1980's; however, the most significant ones are:

-fishnet stockings

-leg warmers

-Rock N Roll bands

-flash dance

-Michael Jackson

With all of this being said, the best Halloween costumes are the ones that don't make you think. For instance, anybody that sees a man walking around in a costume with an "S" on his chest knows that he is dressing up as Superman. Therefore, the best 80's Halloween costumes will include at least one of the symbols that are listed above!

Dressing Up As A Diva From The 80's

Being a Diva was HUGE in the 1980's, and when it comes to choosing a Halloween costume to wear, a diva seems to be a popular choice.

Bright colored jewellery and fishnet stocking are the two most important costume accessories when dressing up as an 80's diva.

Another important aspect of dressing up as someone from the 80's for Halloween is acting as they would. These divas were involved in everything from following bands around to dancing in clubs, so you should be prepared to be very energetic and outgoing!

Choose One Of The Many Michael Jackson Costumes

Michael Jackson is regarded as being the "king of pop" because of the impact that he had on the music industry during the 1980's. With that being said, dressing up as Michael Jackson is one of the best 80's costume ideas that you will come across!

Michael Jackson was a man of many faces, and has many popular pieces of clothing. Choosing to buy a Michael Jackson costume can be one of the best decisions that you make because there are literally hundreds that are available! In addition, people will know that you are dressed up as him as soon as they see you! Some of the most notable Michael Jackson Halloween costume ideas are:

-wearing his red "Thriller" jacket

-putting on a replica of the sequin jacket that he wore in the "Billie Jean" music video

-wearing a black wig with curly hair

-Putting some silver sequin pieces on a right handed glove (represents the glove that he wear in "Billie Jean" when he is doing the moonwalk)

Overall, there are tons of Halloween costumes to choose from if you want to dress up as Michael Jackson from the 80's!

Wearing A Top Gun Costume

Top Gun was a EXTREMELY popular movie in the 80's and practically made Tom Cruise famous, and many people actually assume that someone s dressed up as a Top Gun character when they see them wearing a fighter pilot uniform on Halloween.

There are a ton of characters in the movie; however, I would choose to dress up as one of the following pilots:










Top Gun fighter jet uniforms are some of the best 80's Halloween costumes that you can wear; they represent the decade, and will allow you to stand out from the crowd!

Wearing An 80's Movie Costume-MANY Popular Characters

There are a handful of movies that are representative of the 1980's; some of these movies have grown in popularity as decades passed, and others have fallen off of the "movie map".

Some of the best 80's Halloween costumes from the movies that have grown in popularity. These costumes are a great choice because everybody will know what you are dressing up as, regardless of the era that they were born in.

Going through the most popular movies of the 1980's, these are the costumes that I would choose:

-Harry Dunne's blue tuxedo from Dumb and Dumber

-Mr. Miyagi's uniform from the Karate Kid

-The X-Wing pilot uniform from Star Wars

-The Spanish get-up from the Three Amigos

-A Ghostbusters one-piece

These are not the only Halloween costumes to choose if you want to dress up as a character from an 80's movie; however, they are the most recognizable of the bunch!

At the end of the day, dressing up for Halloween is about having fun, and being different. The 1980's were really fun, and there are a ton of characters, symbols, and signs that are representative of that era. These are not the only 80's Halloween costumes that you can wear; however, I feel that they represent the 10 year period in the best way, and will be completely recognizable by others.