Abdominal Fitness Equipment: A Perfect Mat-ch

If you're looking to tone your abdominal muscles, and you're looking for the right kind of abdominal fitness equipment, it's better to start with the basics and then work your way up from there. The simplest equipment is an exercise mat. Surprised? Don't be, because despite what you may see on TV or read about abdominal fitness in commercially driven magazines, the best abdominal exercise equipment is just you and a floor, with maybe some cushioning in between.

Crunch Your Way To Gorgeous Abs

Bicycle crunches are great for the abs – they're easy to do, and they'll strengthen your back in the process. Bicycle crunches are rated among the top 3 ways to tone your abs. The vertical leg crunch is another classic, and can tone your abs in no time. This requires some balance and flexibility so make sure that the floor is padded and your exercise area is clear of any obstructions, to avoid any chance of injury. The plank exercise is also a great solo exercise for building toned abs. Try these abdominal fitness exercises for a fit, and if they don't work for you, you can take it to the next level.

Abdominal Fitness equipment: Washboard Abs For Cheap

The doorway chin up bar is also a cost effective workout routine to improve core strength. There are some great exercise routines such as the straight leg raise – this looks something like the position a gymnast would hold, with your legs at 90 degrees from your body. It requires a certain amount of upper body strength and abdominal muscle effort, which is why it is so effective. Plus, it's a quick way to strengthen your back as well.

Get Around Abdominal Fitness Equipment: Global Routines

A large-sized exercise ball is the next cheapest option. One of these at home and you're all set with your gym. The variation in exercises is practically unlimited, and there are specific abdominal fitness exercises that focus on just your abs. You can even do other exercises in tandem in order to increase your overall strength and flexibility. The versatility of this amazing piece of abdominal exercise equipment is only limited by your creativity.

BOSU Trainers For Your Abs: Not Your Typical Trainer

The BOSU or BOth Sides Up trainer is an excellent addition to your abdominal fitness routine, and will help you with balance and agility. The numerous exercise options can be compiled and tailored in a way that can enhance abdominal strength alone, or in combination with other areas.

Abdominal Fitness At Sea: Have A Seat, Captain

Probably the most expensive of the lot is the knee raise machine used for the Captain's Chair exercise. This abdominal fitness equipment costs money and takes up space, so it you have both to spare then this is a great choice for building those abs. However, considering that there are so many other options for you to try first, keep this as a last resort. Even then, go to a local gym and do it for a few weeks to see if it's really worth investing in something that forces you to pretend you're sitting in a chair.

Abdominal Fitness Equipment: You Be The Judge

Ever since the desirability factor of 'washboard abs' went up a few hundred notches, everybody seems to be an expert, and that's given rise to so many myths and theories about abdominal fitness equipment and exercises, that even the actual experts can't seem to agree about what's best and what doesn't work. Instead of being swayed by opinion or commercial content why not try it yourself, starting with the cheapest option and working your way up. After all, if you find one along the way that works well for you, you'll have saved a whole lot of cash in the process. If that sounds sensible to you, then go out there any get yourself that mat and get down to your first session.