Why would the best acne treatment for adults be any different than the treatments that you used as a teenager?

It's no secret that the raging hormone level of our teenage years is the main cause of adolescent acne. When acne outbreaks follow you into adulthood, however, you can no longer blame it on puberty.

That is what makes treating adult acne different. Since we can't blame our hormones, we must look for another cause. Just treating the pimples will help, of course, but unless you address the root problem, the pimples will continue to appear.

There are other common causes of adult acne. It could easily be an allergic reaction to something you use every day. Perhaps you have a mild allergy to your perfume or shave cream (or any one of hundreds of other consumer products) and just don't know it. In some cases, these skin allergies result in an acne outbreak rather than a skin rash.

In adult pre-menopausal women, acne often shows itself during their monthly visits from "Auntie Flo". The culprit here is the same as in teens, elevated hormone production.

In either of these cases, the acne should be temporary. It should disappear after the menstrual cycle has ended, or if you stop using the offending products.

When it doesn't, the problem just might be much deeper.

The Best Treatment for Adult Acne Begins With Understanding Your Problem!

The Environmental Factor

We live in a world that is far different from that of our parents and grandparents. While advances in science and technology make life much easier for us, we should never forget that nothing in this world comes without a price.

As an example, the are over 300 chemicals in everyday use today that didn't even exist 60 years ago. They are used to keep our food fresh, brighten the colors in our clothes, and have a thousand other uses that never occur to most of us.

Like most things that are man made, however, for some of us, these chemicals and preservatives have a dark side. And, unfortunately, it's a dark side that we cannot avoid.

As you go through your daily lives, these toxins find their way into your body. They are in the food that you eat, the clothes you wear, the surfaces that you touch every day, and a million other places.

Like I said...unavoidable!

The problem begins when these toxins build up faster than your body's normal waste system can remove them. This can cause an internal chemical imbalance that is intolerable, forcing your body to take extraordinary measures to remedy the imbalance.

For most people (the lucky ones), this is never a issue. Mother Nature, in her wisdom, blessed them with bodies that can either tolerate higher levels of toxins, or process them through their normal waste system more efficiently, making "extraordinary measures" unnecessary.

The rest of us (that's you and me!) have to realize that your body is going to react to this imbalance, and you have no choice but to deal with that reaction.

It's no secret that each of us is different (further evidence of Mother Nature's wisdom), so it follows that different people will have different reactions to these chemical imbalances.

For some, the body reacts by emulsifying the toxins in fat cells, then simply stores them until their waste system can handle processing them out. Unfortunately, many of these people never realize what's happening, so they continue doing what they've always done, all the while telling their friends that they just can't understand why they keep gaining weight.

The Acne Connection

If, like me, you suffer from adult acne (especially chronic adult acne), chances are that your condition is the final result of your body's reaction to this chemical imbalance.

Your body is reacting by emulsifying the excess toxins and chemicals in perspiration and sebum oil, then flushing it out through skin pores (perspiration) and your sebaceous glands (sebum oil).

Toxin laden perspiration normally presents no problem, as it is washed away in your shower or bath. Sebum oil, however, is another matter. Not because of the toxins that it contains (these are harmless outside of your body), but because of the oil itself.

Sebum oil is present on everyone's skin. It comes from your sebaceous glands, which are located in your hair follicles, just below the surface of your skin. And, in normal amounts, it's very beneficial. It serves to keep your skin moist and pliable (younger looking).

For those of us that suffer adult acne, however, there are no "normal amounts" of sebum oil. In it's effort to regain a proper chemical balance, your body is producing more and more of the oil in order to flush out toxins. Eventually, the oil begins to pool in your hair follicles, and these pools start to attract the second villain in our story: Propionibacterium Acnes, commonly know as P-acne bacteria.

As with sebum oil, this bacteria is found on everyone's skin and is very beneficial in normal amounts. It protects us from other, more harmful bacteria and the problems that they can cause. On the down side, the P-acne bacteria thrives best in an oxygen-free environment. Just the environment that exists inside these pools of sebum that have formed in your hair follicles.

In time, the bacteria find their way into these pools and begin to reproduce. As their numbers grow, the follicle gets clogged, blocking even the small amount of oxygen that was making it's way in. This is even better for the P-acne, and their reproduction rate skyrockets, eventually causing irritation to the surrounding skin cells.

Then, Mother Nature again has her way. Your body sees this irritation as an infection and sends white blood cells to fight it. When enough bacteria and white blood cells have invaded the hair follicle, an infectious lump called a "closed comedone" forms. This is what you and I call a "whitehead" or pimple.

Consider the fact that this is occurring in hair follicles all over your body and you will begin to understand why your acne is so hard to fight. And, since your face, neck, and shoulders have far more hair follicles than any other part of your body, you can also understand why your acne appears to be confined to those areas.

NOT The Best Treatment_Adult Acne

If You Keep Doing What You've Always Done, You'll Keep Getting What You've Always Got

I have to assume that whatever acne treatment you are currently using isn't getting the job done. Otherwise you wouldn't be reading this.

I also have to assume that you're fighting your acne with one (or more) of the popular over-the-counter acne remedies that are available, and that you're not under the care of a medical professional.

If this sounds like you, then the reason that your acne outbreaks continue to occur is no big mystery.

The vast majority of OTC acne remedies contain either salicylic acid  or benzoyl peroxide. In the world of "over-the-counter", these are the most powerful pimple fighting agents available.

There are, of course, a plethora of home remedies floating around, as well. Many use natural compounds like tea tree oil to combat the P-acne bacteria, coupled with cleansing agents to fight sebum oil build-up.

While many of these remedies will certainly help in clearing adult acne outbreaks (pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, etc.), you must understand that they are only treating the end result of a deeper, possibly more serious problem (toxin overload) within your body.

And, that is the problem that you must address if you truly want an acne-free life!

The Best Acne Treatment for Adults Revealed!

Attack Acne Where It Begins, NOT Where It Ends!

Earlier we discussed the primary causes of teenage acne. We found that the main culprit was the enormous number of hormones being produced as your body transformed from childhood through adolescence and into our adult years.

During this time, you have no choice but to treat the results of the problem (acne outbreaks), as you have no means to fight the cause. Your own body is creating the chemical imbalance that is causing your outbreaks.

Now, however, you are an adult, and the raging hormones of adolescence are a thing of the past.

Now you must find other reasons for your imbalance.

There are, of course, the chemicals that I spoke of before. Chemicals used in your clothing, in your cleaning products, in your car, and in a thousand other places that you contact every day of your life.

I call these environmental chemicals, as they are everywhere. In the air, on surfaces, even in your water. And, like the hormones of adolescence, there's not much that you can do to avoid them.

Luckily, research has shown that these environmental chemicals play a relatively small role in adult acne formation. The major contributor is something that is much more dear to most of us.

By far, the major contributor to your adult acne is your diet!

The plain fact is that all processed foods are full of chemicals and preservatives. Just about everything that you eat, from white bread to sugar and beyond, is laden with the chemicals used in their processing.

Animal products are even worse. They contain not just the chemicals used in processing, but hormones from the animal, as well.

By way of example, let's look at everyone's favorite drink...milk.

In addition to all of the (many) benefits that you got from the glass of milk that you had this morning, you also ingested fifty nine separate hormones that came from the cow, plus countless other hormones and toxins from the steroids that she was given to increase milk production.

And, that's just one example! The truth is, your world is full of foods that are contributing to your adult acne, and, unless you make some changes, your outbreaks will never stop!

You can start by adopting and following an anti-acne diet that is designed to limit your intake of foreign chemicals and toxins. I have listed some of the better ones below.

If you live in a city, as much as you can, limit your time outdoors. Smog is not your friend!

Above all, learn to think. Now that you understand the problem, learn to identify and avoid those things that contribute to it.

Full Disclosure

I am not a medical professional. I am a 62 year old man that, until about six years ago, suffered with acne outbreaks for my entire life.

The information presented here is not medical advice, nor is it intended to be used to treat a medical condition. It is information that I have gathered in my personal fight against adult acne, and I believe it to be accurate.

I know for sure that, once I made some dietary and lifestyle changes that I discovered in Mike Walden's ebook Acne No More, my outbreaks became fewer and fewer, until they finally stopped all together. That program, as well as others listed below, have helped untold numbers of adults overcome and eliminate acne from their lives forever..

The important thing is that you do something! You now know the best treatment for adult acne. All that's left is for you to act.


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