Yamaha FX335 Acoustic Electric

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Yamaha Acoustic Electric Guitar

Yamaha FX 335


I’ve owned the Yamaha FX 335 on two separate occasions now.  I bought it at a guitar center several years ago and had to sell it but loved it so much that I wound up buying it again!


For the price, this high-quality acoustic electric guitar is really unbeatable. 

Yamaha makes amazing instruments for cheap and this one is certainly no exception.


When I was shopping for this guitar, my criteria were:

- acoustic electric that sounds great plugged and unplugged

- has great action

- doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. 


I literally spent hours playing every guitar in the store and this was the ONLY one for under $500 that fit the bill. 

In fact, I’ll go as far as to say that this $200 acoustic electric sounds better than some $700, $800 and up guitars AND has better action!




This description comes straight from the product specs:

Body Style: Dreadnought acoustic Top: Laminate spruce Back: Meranti Sides: Meranti Fingerboard: Rosewood Bridge: Rosewood No. of frets: 20, 14 free Scale length: 25" Pickguard: tortoise shell Finish: Gloss Tuners: Gold Die-cast Electronics: Piezo pickup with 2-band EQ Warranty: Limited lifetime

Basically, it’s a very simple guitar.  The EQ is easy to use and the battery lasts for a good while.  The appearance is a basic dreadnought style.



For such a cheap guitar, the tone on this thing is really fantastic.  It’s very well-balanced with clear highs and a resonant bass.  A lot of times the cheaper acoustic guitars have a dull, muffled sounding bass.  Not so with the FX335.  Plugged in, this axe sounds just as good and lives up to it’s acoustic-electric label.



Again, such cheap guitars are usually impossible to play.

The action tends to be so high that even a vetted guitar player has trouble playing a simple chord progression.  The Yamaha FX335 is anything but difficult and the action was perfect right out of the box. 

I didn’t even have to go get the thing set up at my local guitar shop, which is something I’ve had to do with every other guitar I owned including very expensive, high-end acoustic/electric guitars. 

The action makes this a perfect beginners guitar. 

Buying a crappy guitar with poor action for a beginner will guarantee that they never progress because the chords are really hard on the fingers. 

With this guitar, keeping your fingers in place doesn’t require all of your might and is actually quite effortless. 

The fretboard is relatively thin which makes chords anywhere on the fretboard really easy to play, including ones utilizing the thumb.  This is a bit difficult on some of the older jumbo acoustics that have a really thick neck.


I've recommended this guitar to several of my beginner students and using it in conjunction with Jamorama guitar lessons, several of them have made astounding progress.



The Yamaha warranty is 5 years(!!!) 

Since it’s such a cheap guitar, there’s little point in buying extra coverage from the shop, in my opinion. 


Word of Caution

My good friend also bought this guitar but he bought off the shelf rather than brand-new from a box in the back and his guitar sounds and feels really horrendous compared to mine and it’s the SAME guitar!

Make sure you get a brand new guitar from the back that hasn’t been molested by grubby adolescent fingers over and over again to ensure that you get the quality instrument that you’re paying for. 



This is such an inexpensive instrument that you probably won’t get more than 50% of retail price on it and that’s if it’s almost new and in fantastic condition. 



The Yamaha FX335 Acoustic Electric guitar is truly a fantastic bang for the buck.  I’ve bought this guitar twice now and with a move in my future I’ll have to sell it on craigslist.  Then I’ll buy it again at my new home! 

As a guitar player for 11 years now, I highly recommend this axe for both beginners and seasoned guitar players.

I'm Yours by Jason Mraz Cover played With A Yamaha FX 335