Working in the sports and outdoors department of a retail store, I got asked a lot of questions. However, the most commonly asked question was: what is the best air mattress for camping? And the answer was: it completely depends on what features you are looking for! This article is geared towards providing the reader with some options when it comes to choosing an air bed to bring on a camping trip. Whether you like to sleep on a soft or hard mattress, you will surely find an air bed that is right for you by the end of this article!

Some of the best air mattress brands are Coleman, Intex, and Aerobed; I would recommend sticking with these three brands (or any brand that is as reputable) when you are searching for the best air mattress to include in your camping gear. By doing this, you are ensuring that your air bed will be backed by the brand reputability and warranty that come with purchasing an blow up mattress from a large company!

The Coleman 4-In-1 Quickbed Is The Best Air Mattress For A Family That Is Going Camping

I would highly recommend this Coleman inflatable mattress to any family that enjoys going camping on a  regular basis because it can literally work with the needs of any Coleman 4 In 1 QuickbedCredit: Amazon.comof the family members. The Coleman 4-in-1 Quickbed can be used as two twin air beds, one king sized air bed (when the two air beds are zipped together), or a raised twin bed (when the two are stacked on top of each other).

Imagine for a second that there is a family of 5 people that go on camping trips separately. The two sons could use the two twin sized blow up beds to sleep on when they go camping with their friends. The parents could zip up the two blow up beds to form a king sized mattress and sleep on it as a romantic getaway in the woods! And the older sister could use Coleman’s raised twin air mattress to sleep on so that she could get a very restful sleep! The Coleman 4-in-1 Quickbed is by far the best air mattress for camping!

The Intex Raised Downy Queen Air Bed Has A Built In Electrical PumpIntex Raised Downy Queen AirbedCredit:

I would classify the Intex Raised Downy Queen as the best air mattress for camping in local camping grounds; however, this air bed would be nearly useless in the woods. The fact that this air bed has a built in electrical pump makes it absolutely perfect for going camping in areas that have electrical outlets (local camping grounds). The only downside is that the air bed wouldn’t inflate in the woods because the electrical pump would not be able to receive any power!

Intex is a brand that focuses on creating comfortable air beds for campers, so you can be sure that you will be getting a restful sleep when you purchase any of their air mattresses!

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AeroBed High Rise Premium Air Bed-With Inflatable Headboard!

AeroBed is not as reputable as Coleman or Intex when it comes to spoAeroBed Hi Rise Air Mattress With HeadboardCredit: Amazon.comrts and outdoors supplies; however, they have made a break through into the market by offering the best air mattresses for under $100! If you are looking for an inflatable bed that makes you feel “at home”, then AeroBed’s High Rise Premium air mattress is the best choice for you!

I would deem this AeroBed model as the best air mattress for camping because it incorporates an inflatable headbord! Not only will this inflatable headboard prevent your pillows from falling off of the bed, but it will also provide your head with some support; thus, facilitating a more restful sleep when you are camping. I would definitely include this in my list of camping gear for a trip!

You May Place One Air Mattress On Top Of The Other For The Most Comfort

One trick that I have learned after going on many camping trips is to combine two air mattresses for added comfort! You can place one air bed on top of another to create a raised air bed that offers a ton of comfort. You can literally create the best air mattress for camping by combining two not-so-good air beds and placing them on top of each other! Create your own comfort while you camp!

When it comes to choosing the best air mattress for camping, there are literally hundreds of choices. I would recommend choosing an air bed that was made by a large company because they will offer a warranty that will protect you from any rips, tears, and punctures within the first few years! However, you should be choosing the air bed that you will feel comfortable sleeping on! After all, you will be the one sleeping on it during the camping trip!