Let's just admit it: Some country's airports want you there, others do not. A very slim few, even, want your stay comfortable—rather than have arm rests, the seats are open for lying down; rather than charge for coffee, they have servers pouring it for free; rather than charge for internet, they open their wi-fi for all to enjoy. You get the picture. The quality of the airport depends on the food, the facilities and the ability to rest (even sleep) comfortably. Well, sleepinginairports.net is the only site on the world web that gives out an annual Golden Pillow Award to the most sleeper-friendly airport. If you've ever had to hunch in an uncomfortable seat for five hours or rest your bag-of-bones on the cold floor, then try to route your next flight through some of the best airports in the world for catching Zzzs.

The highest voted airport in Africa is not really in Africa (proper) I would say. The winner with over 30% of the total votes for Africa (not the world, that's coming soon) is Johannesburg. The staff is said to be friendly and apparently there are a few places to sprawl out. Cape Town and Cairo, both took 23% and 16% respectively in the 2008 poles.

Two of the highest voted airports in Asia don't fare much better than their second place brethren in Africa. Seoul in South Korea scored 23% of the ballots while Hong Kong collected 17% of the voice. The amenities are said to be nicer, and there are some leather seats to lounge, but the smell of sesame is overriding. Let me give you a hint, though: The best airport in the world is a small part of Asia.

The finest airport in the Middle East receives well over half of the show of hands for that area, at nearly 55%. Over half of voters agree that Dubai (the booming eco-center of the UAE) provides quite a nice place to nap. There is free wi-fi, lounge-able chairs and is open round the clock. Runner's up included Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi.

The foremost airport in Central and South America may be up for some debate. It's by far not the best place to drown in drowsiness. The preeminent sleeper airport is Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. There may not be a whole lot of other luxurious choices, but if you're reading this, get on the site and vote your favorite airport. Surely you've had some good sleeping experiences elsewhere.

In North America, it seems that California takes the cake (and eats it too) for most everything. The catnap capital of the US is, of course, San Francisco with over 17% of the votes. The wi-fi is not free, so Vancouver and Orlando come in a close second. Forty winks in San Francisco, however, could be hard to catch with so many reported announcements.

The best siesta for your beauty sleep in Europe is Amsterdam. There's free wi-fi and comfy lounge seats in the departure areas. The land of Nod is not far in a place that allows you to light up certain herbs before you take flight (on the airplane).

The top three airports overall around the world for slumber are all in Asia. Hong Kong and Seoul received the highest votes in 2008. The number one airport may not surprise you if you've ever flown with the company with the same country namesake.

You may have guessed it if you know anything about luxury in Asia. That's right: The number one place for forty winks is Singapore Changi airport. There are actual sleeper chairs, free wi-fi, prayer rooms, good food, Internet cafes, massage stores, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, spa, bands, live music, free movies, business and sleep centers, and really no noise. The airport has for twelve years straight won the Golden Pillow Award for best sleeping airport.