Five Fingered Toe Shoes Provide the best support for your body.

                                                For many years people have tried to decide what the best shoe is for all around use. It seems that there are many factors to take in when weighing what other people determine to be a great shoe. Some like the fit, some like the look, but when it comes down to it, most will agree that it is the comfort.

When choosing your shoes, you want to make sure that they conform to your foot making the best possible fit with the least amount of discomfort. Many people do not like wearing shoes at all because they feel that they are uncomfortable. I’m sure we all know somebody who would rather walk around the house barefoot any day of the week. I however, could not be any more different. Although I do enjoy taking off my socks and shoes to climb into bed at night, there is a certain sense of comfort that I feel slipping into my comfy sneakers to get ready to head out the door.

bikila runningRecently, I have come across a shoe that I feel fits many of the needs of the average person. It provides comfort, stability, a high instep, and provides the type of cushion for your forestep that no other shoes can compare. The name of the shoe base model is Bikila (named after the Ethiopian Barefoot Olympian). The only issue I have discovered that many people have with these shoes is the look.

Women will probably agree that they purchase high heels because they like the way they look, not necessarily because they are comfortable. Men would back up that theory as they enjoy seeing women in high heels and aren’t really concerned if women will go home with bloody ankles and sores on their feet. That is probably why these shoes have not made it to the top of the shopping list for many people (especially when women are buying).


Since I don’t follow the status quo, and in fact have been criticized for swimming against the stream, I found this new shoe to be an amazing find. The company the makes it is called Vibram and they go by the title of “Five Fingers.” That should come as no surprise since the shoe follows the trend of the old toe socks that came from Japan and China to keep your feet warm when wearing sandals. Aside from separating the toes, they made this shoe to follow the contours of your foot so that you can maximize your comfort and open your world up to new activities.

The company states that there are five reasons to buy these new shoes all of which will contribute to your overall health and well-being. The first of these reasons is that it will strengthen the muscles in your lower legs. The second reason is to increase your range of motion in both your ankles and feet. Since your toes work independently this shoe allows them the ability to explore on their own and take their natural course. Other factors that they state are to improve balance, allowing the spine, and create the ability of the body to take on its natural movements.