Those of us who are trying to make some income online by writing articles are well aware of how much time and effort goes into the hobby. Most people know that the more you write, the more you can potentially earn, but at the same time most of us also have other jobs to worry about. Some of us have kids to take care of and some of us have full time jobs we have to go to every day. But luckily we live in a society that provides plenty of tools and technology to help us become more efficient. Smart phones are probably one of the best tools out there to own because just about everyone carries their phone on them, whereas it's not too common or practical to carry around something like a notepad.

If you have a smart phone, then you should take full advantage of it and use it to make your writing more efficient. Since you have your phone with you all the time, you can use the browser to do research on whatever topic you happen to be writing about at the time. But there are also quite a few applications you can get that help you out even more. Applications that make you more time efficient and productive. Check out the list below and see which ones I have been using and can personally attest to their value.

Documents To Go by DataViz

Cost: $14.99

Documents To GoCredit:


Documents To Go, in my opinion, is probably the best application available to assist you in writing online. This application can be found on the Android Market for currently $14.99, although I have noticed that the prices have fluctuated a lot over the last few months to a year. It is currently at its cheapest price though, as of the time of this writing on Thanksgiving 2011.

The application has nearly everything you need all wrapped up into one simple- to- use interface. DataViz did an amazing job developing this application that includes three of Microsoft's most popular and well- known office programs: Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. Although as an article writer you may not ever have to use the PowerPoint feature, the other two programs are definitely worth downloading the application for.

The most amazing thing about this DataViz app is how advanced it is while also being extremely easy to use. You can do virtually anything through this application that you could with the actual programs on your PC. This includes being able to check the word or character count,  change the fonts and formats, as well as adding tables to Word documents, and also make changes and fiddle around with the cells on the Excel Program.

One of my favorite features that Documents To Go has is the ability to syncronize your documents from the phone to your PC via USB cable. So whenever you get finished with an article, all you have to do is save it, plug your phone up to your computer, and open the document through the desktop program that you can download for free from the DataViz website. You can also do the opposite, and transfer files from your PC to your phone, and make any editorial changes you need in your spare time. The application also includes a Google Docs feature that allows you to view and transfer documents to your Google Docs account. Alternatively, you can just send any document from your phone to your PC via email straight from the app. All of these advantages will allow you to write as much as you want while you're away from the computer and not have to re-type it all when you finally get to one. Instead, it's just a simple copy and paste.


So I guess I made it pretty clear that the Documents To Go app is a top choice and for good reasons, but to be fair, there are some disadvantages. One querk I have is that I can't move it to my SD card, which means its just taking up a good chunk of my internal memory.

The main issue is the price though. This is the only android application on the list that isn't free, and it's not like it's only a few bucks... it's $15, which is one of the priciest apps on the market. That being said, it's still quite a bit cheaper than it once was. While researching for this article I learned that it used to cost as much  $50. Also, with the amount of benefits it provides, I truly believe it is worth every penny.

The last gripe I have with the Documents To Go app is that for some reason that I cannot figure out, it will not auto- capitalize so you thave to manually capitalize the first word of each sentence, which can really throw your groove off when you're trying to type at a fast pace. One thing to note, however, is that this may just be a problem with my phone and not the application itself. As I mentioned, the mystery has yet to be solved.

AdSense Dashboard by Gregory Block

Cost: FREE

AdSense DashboardCredit:


The AdSense Dashboard is a nice little application to have if you're like most writers who constantly like to check up on their earnings. For me, it sort of becomes a habit for me to want to check up on it every few hours during the day, especially when I was first starting out. It's exciting to be able to watch your earnings go up throughout the day.

This AdSense widget is extremely simple to use and automatically signs you into your account upon loading the application after the initial setup. The program is small and has only four  pages to it. So it makes it quite a bit easier and quicker to check your earnings and takes less memory on your phone when compared to viewing the actual Google AdSense website through your phone's browser.

The first page of the AdSense Dashboard has two columns. The first column shows today's stats and the second column displays the previous day's stats. The stats include the two daily earnings, the two monthly earnings, and yearly/all- time earnings, as well as daily CTR, CPC, RPM, page views and clicks.

The second page gives you your top custom channels and top URL channels for the previous 7 days. Page three displays line graphs for revenue, CPC, and CTR for the last two months. Finally you have the fourth page which has a list of your previous 2 weeks of stats separated by individual days. These stats include CTR, RPM and earnings.


The only negative thing I can claim the AdSense Dashboard has is that you can't edit how the reports are given. You're stuck with the default settings. However, you can still just go to the real website on your browser if you need some custom reports, and I personally don't have an issue with the report-editing limitations on a completely free application that's still fairly young.

Google Docs by Google, Inc.

Cost: FREE

Google Docs AppCredit:


If you already type your documents on the Google Docs website, then you will definitely find this free android application useful. With this app, you can sync it up with your Google account and then create, view, and edit any of your existing documents. You can also create documents through the app and when you save it, it will also be saved on the actual website. This might be a better option for those who don't want to pay for the Documents To Go app.


The biggest complaint most users have is that there seems to be a number of bugs that still need to be worked out. There are often problems with editing existing documents or sudden crashes. Google is aware of these issues, though, so I don't expect them to be ongoing problems.

InkPad Notepad by WORKPAIL

Cost: FREE

InkPad NotepadCredit:


There are all kinds of different notepad applications available on the Android Market, but in my opinion the InkPad Notepad is the best one out there. They have a very simple-to-use interface that allows you to create notes, checklists, and schedule to do lists. This can benefit you as a writer because you can use it to remember topic ideas you think of throughout the day. You can also use the checklist and to do lists to become more organized and efficient with your keyword research, backlinking, and general goals.

Best of all, you can synchronize the InkPad with the official website so that you can always view your notes even when you don't have your phone with you. Another nice feature is the ability to send your notes to your email. This could come in handy if you write a lot of short 150-300 word articles such as for backlinking because you can just write them on this InkPad as a note, email it to yourself, and then just copy and paste. It could be like a replacement for the Google Docs or Documents To Go apps, as it is a small program that does not take up as much memory.


In all honesty, I can't think of any negative aspects to this application. It does its job, it's convenient, and it's free.

I hope that at least a few of these Android applications will be of some help to you. It's pretty amazing how much you can actually do with a smart phone, and I like the idea of using mine to help me increase my earnings.

And for the record, other than the photos, I wrote this entire 1600-word article on my Documents To Go app, uploaded it to my PC, and copy/pasted it here all within about a total of 90 minutes.