iPhone offers one a veritable treasure trove of amazing, mouthwatering applications. It has spawned an entire ancillary industry of applications created indigenously by independent developers. For a first time iPhone user, it is very easy to lose oneself in the maze of applications and in the process of sieving out the good from the useless. The article tries to reduce your headache by listing out few essential applications that must adorn your iPhone


The Eatery – If want to keep a close check on your weight  you must keep tabs on what you are eating or exactly how much calories you are consuming. So next time you feel like ordering a Big Mac from McDonalds, let this application figure out precisely how much calorie a Big Mac is costing you.

Four Square – The WP 7.5 version allows to seamlessly pinpoint locations, several deals or places on your home screen, all of which you can access without much hassle. An unique idea which is no longer confined merely to Android platforms and IOS.


Infinity Blade 2- Literally a portable visual spectacle, Infinity Blade 2 is the must have eye popping game on your iPhone. Now stab, dodge and maim those monstrous soldiers with gay abandon.

Springpad – Another novel application that allows you to mark any important piece of information for future reference. Simply use Springbad to note that piece of information. The application will automatically throw up several links and directions and will let you access that piece of information offline.


Evernote Food- A boon for any self -professed gourmet. Record ,tab and share your gastronomic feats with your fellow foodies.

Tinkerbox HD – One cannot be quite sure whether it is designed to be a game or an education tool. It allows you to solve fiendishly difficult puzzles and build some pretty cool gadgets and machines. Maybe this is another puzzle that needs to be solved.

Easy Cabs – How often do we get miffed at the overworked customer care executive while booking a cab? Well Easy Cabs as the name suggests, makes the arduous and time consuming process of booking a cab, much more simple.


Minecraft Pocket Edition- The handy pocket edition of the indie game smash hit Minecraft  allows you keep building those epic world not just on your desktop, but on your phone too.

Kcast Gold Live- A tool application for any investor. This application designed by Kitco, the world’s leading precious metal site, allows one to keep a tab on the ever so fluctuating prices of the yellow metal.

Xbox 360 Companion- Use this application to fire up any game or even to start movies on your Xbox. Its functioning is not hampered by Wi-Fi.


Taptu – Social news feed reader that combines all your internet footprints into one beautiful applications. It can sync your Facebook , Linked In , Twitter as well as content from your favorite websites and blogs, and then transform them into visually dazzling streams.

Shortmail- Email + Instant Messaging+ Tweeting – all rolled into one nifty package that is not hamstrung by an information overload.

Mobile Metronome- A must have application for any budding musician. The easy to understand options of the application makes it extremely user – friendly and one can effortlessly use this application to hone his or skills, in playing an instrument.