Even though many people still are reading paper books, digital reading is becoming increasingly popular, e-books are the future. E-books don't take any space, are environmentally friendly and there is no paper need to print, don't weight anything, you have them always at hand and the large screen of the Apple iPhone is perfect for reading texts.

Below you will find a selection of free applications for the iPhone to read e-books. All apps can be downloaded in the iTunes Store.


The eReader app lets you upload ebooks from various websites, as well as your own personal content. You are not locked into any particular website using this eReader application. The social DRM functionality allows you to easy transfer e-books to future devices, cell phones, tablets, PCs or Macs.

eReader has a smooth interface and nice features like customizing fonts styles and sizes, remembering your last page.


Stanza, an Amazon-owned app, is a robust and polished application to read e-books which is rich in features, like changing font styles, size and colors. The Stanza iPhone app supports the PalmDoc-, ePub-, and Mobi-format. You can also use Stanza to import files in HTML-, PDF- and RTF-format from your laptop or desktop computer.

Kindle App

The Kindle app from Amazon can be used by people who don't own a Kindle e-reader, but you will enjoy this app the most if you are part of the Kindle ecosystem. You will be able to use the Whispersync feature, which allows seamless switching between your Kindle e-reader and Kindle App for iPhone. The Whispersync technology remembers where you are in a book and also gives you the possibility to lock the screen in landscape or portrait mode, which makes reading texts easier.

The Kindle app for Apple iPhone gives you access to approximately 500,000 paid titles in the Amazon store.

Kobo App

The Kobo e-reader app, which is backed by Borders, is a good iPhone app that focuses on bestsellers and books with discounts. A new e-book is offered as a free download each week to their digital readers.

Barnes & NobleCredit: Bookriot.comBarnes & Noble App

The iPhone app from giants Barnes & Noble comes with five pre-installed classic e-books as well as the Merriam Webster's Pocket Dictionary. The app gives you access to more than 200,000 paid titles. You have the ability to change the color of the background and texts, which can make reading texts easier.

Free and legal e-books

E-books can be purchased at online retailers like Barnes & Noble or Amazon, but there are also a lot of free and legal ebooks available that you can download for your ereader app on your Apple iPhone.

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