Save Money with Apps

Your smart phone or tablet can help you with more than just keeping in touch. As the new saying goes, “There’s an App for that!” In fact, there’s an app for almost everything these days. But beyond the entertainment value of most apps, their practical value is what makes them very useful. Apps that will help you save money and time are perhaps ones which are often overlooked. But they can be the most powerful apps you’ll use to ensure that you can balance your budget and save money as well.

There are several apps out in the market and the better news is that plenty of these top financial apps that help save money are for free or very cheap.

Top Financial Apps: Some you may have heard of, some you may want to know more about.

The financial apps that are available gives you choices you can use in managing your finances and save money.  The Iphone and Android phones are coming out with new apps all the time,  however, here is a short list of top financial apps which will help you start your way to financial freedom and help you save money. 

Skype logoCredit: Skype.comSkype – okay, so technically this isn’t a straight up finance app, but it is one that will definitely help you save money on phone bills.  The download is completely free and it also has 100% free options to communicate.  For example, it allows you to make video and voice calls over the internet.  For more heavier uses, there are data plans that are very affordable and something you really should take advantage of. For a flat rate per month, you can make overseas or long distance calls through the internet. This allows you to avoid outrageous bills using just the mobile network. This is great for both business and personal transactions overseas.  It truly is a hidden gem that still is new to many people. 

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(price as of Mar 16, 2014) App LogoCredit: – Mint can be your personal financial advisor. You can organize your entire financial flow into a format that can be easily understood. From setting goals in savings and investments, to tracking payments and spending, it helps you see it all in one go. It’s very safe as it only allows for tracking and seeing your accounts, while your real world fund movement is done through your usual practices such as credit card and online or counter transactions. Mint is fast becoming one of the top financial apps that is highly recommended and used by millions of users. For Dummies
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(price as of Mar 16, 2014) imageCredit: Groupon.comGroupon, imageCredit: Living SocialLiving Social or Deal site apps – online shopping has been a great way to find deals. While most deal sites really don’t need an app for you to purchase deals, having the app means you can save money on printing the coupon. The deal or coupon is saved on the app and you can use this to claim items without the need to print. And let’s face it, printing is a hassle on both time and money as you’d really want to save your ink and paper for the real important stuff. Plus, going paperless helps the environment as well! logoCredit: Gasbuddy.comGasBuddy – the skyrocketing prices of gas can really drive you up the wall. But thankfully, GasBuddy will save you money on fuel. It is a community based app which lets you see pump prices in your location and find where the best prices are to get your tank filled. There are also rewards programs for users who update gas prices. You’ll not only save money on gas, you can also get some money along the way.  How great is that? 

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Rich Dad World Live - This is based from the Rich Dad Poor Dad series by Robert Kiyosaki.  This app gives you the full access to a large library of the Rich Dad videos.  The great part is that when you sign up its FREE!  The important part of this application is to help guide you to financial success.  If you are already a fan of the Rich Dad Poor Dad phenomenon series, than you know how valuable this app is already.  If you are unfamiliar with the Rich Dad Poor Dad series, than this app could change your life completely. 

Financial Calculator AppCredit: Financial CalculatorFinancial Calculators - Financial Calculators is a application full of knowledge.  This application has options to calculate loans, compound interest, retirement/401k,  credit card payoff, tip calculator and more...  This is a very useful option when looking for assistance on calculating.  Its a one-stop shop for calculating anything and each internal selection is very clean and easy to use. 

Tips on Using these Top Financial Apps

  •  Set your Goal – a goal should be realistic and obtainable. The reason to set goals is to train yourself to unconsciously make better decisions and create better financial decisions for the How to Find The Right Financial AdvisorCredit: Dean Evansfuture. These top financial apps will merely assist you in getting to your goal, but it is completely up to you to reach that goal. Set goals first and then use these apps to aid you. To make a goal on how to save money, set a percentage you’d like to stick to. Something as low as 5% to 10% can already make a big difference. 
  • Always update – update both the software and the information you put into it. An old adage in technology is “Garbage In, Garbage Out” Most apps will only be as useful as the data you put into it. The more you use your top financial apps accurately, the better it will perform for you and let you save money.
  • Save first, spend later – Saving is not about what’s left after spending. It’s about spending after saving. Make investments and savings a priority. You don’t need to put away half of $20 Stock and UnderCredit: Dean Evanswhat you earn for savings, a small percentage will do just fine. It just has to be regularly saving a little at a time.  Create that habit by putting a little bit away and before long you won't even realize its not there.  The rest of the money you get after saving will be what you set your budget on.

These top financial apps will definitely help you get a better hold of your finances and save you some money along the way. But as always, it will only work if you use it wisely and effectively. Keep on updating yourself on new top financial apps and you’ll soon find that managing your finances is fast and easy.