Spend your time searching for information on the Internet and you’ll soon find a common problem which over the past few years has turned many parts of the web into one giant garbage pile of poor quality sludge. You try to weave your way through it to find that nugget of information you so desperately want but you are left spinning around and around with nowhere to go. You’re a victim of the worst kind of writing, the kind that leads you on like a voluptuous woman but then drops you like a sack of rocks. Welcome to the world of article marketing home to the article spinners.

Spinning TopCredit: MS Clipart

 Article spinners are like a mafia they come in and beat down any articles that stand in their way of gaining the mighty first place on the search engines. “We are king,” they say.“Our articles are number one!” Our eyes are drawn to these nuggets of information and we click them with the anticipation of finding that clue we search for only to pull our hair out and bash the keyboard at what is in front of our eyes.  We read over the content trying to understand what it means until we get a headache, trapped in the never-ending spin of words. We search again and again each new site treats us to more spin until we are dizzy.

I wonder how the average article marketer must feel when then know that the content they are providing people isn’t worth a grain of salt and it’s that type of content that causes the search engines like Google to release updates like “Panda” to try and filter out the garbage.  Article spinning in all its forms decreases the quality of searches and increases user frustration. A spun article doesn’t add anything that the end user can use which is the most important thing. Its quality, not spinning which in the long run is going to bring an article marketer the money they are looking for. As a writer and Internet user, I have not once clicked on any links provided to me by these spinners. You might create a ton of content in a short period of time but what is it really doing for you? It certainly isn’t providing the end user anything they seek, it’s in fact just pissing them off to the point that they will never view anything of yours again.  You spin content and place it in forums or other chat areas in some desperate hope that someone will click your link and a buy a product. How can anyone be interested in a product when they can’t even understand what you write?

If you want to market articles with backlinks to your original work then take the time to sit your butt in the chair and actually rewrite the piece so it makes sense to the average Internet user. Not only are you bringing better content to the Internet but in the long run you’ll end up making more money. If you want to be taken seriously and have people read your work again then write out every single article in your own unique words. This takes time but the results will be worth more than the cheap payoff you might get from spun article garbage. Making money is one thing but you must also value the people on the other end who are looking for information on a subject. Even if your piece is just a product review or something simple, write it in your own words, using as little of the original information as possible.  Take the descriptions and rewrite them and add some of your personality into the piece. Make your reader interested in the article and they just might click your links.

Now imagine if you actually write everything you do. You spend a few years gaining reputation and putting out high-quality work. People visit your blog, they read your articles, and your inbox is flooded with questions about your topics.  This is going to make you feel pretty good, wouldn’t you say?  You write excellent material you bring your visitors something of value and you help increase the overall quality of the Internet. As a writer and even an article marketer you need to care about who is reading your work not just about the bucks that might flow into your pocketbook. Every article and every word you write should be important to you. 

Writer PenCredit: MS Clipart

You can go back and look at your library of work in the future and feel a sense of real accomplishment.  Put effort into everything you do online and don’t spin anything just rewrite it into your own words and see how that real content will bring you better results. Add those backlinks to real genuine articles and not spun junk that no one is going to care about. It might take you longer and be hard work but in the end it will be worth it. Over the years that I have created content online I have not once spun any article with those “magical” spinners that create just about the most beautiful articles you could ever read! Think of the time it takes to get those pieces into a shape suitable for publication. You could be writing another piece or doing something better with the time it takes to fix that sludge.

You owe it to your readers as a writer or even just an article marketer to produce the best quality work that you can. Your writing doesn’t need to be perfect and language differences will produce some strange text but just make that extra effort to produce something you can be proud of. Make readers excited to read your material even if it’s just a review.  Use social media to market your articles, create that amazing blog or website with tons of useful content and you will be successful. It’s time to clean up the Internet and bring high-quality useful information to those that need it. Stop spinning in all directions and get to work. Sit down take a sip of coffee, and let the magic happen. Writers, write.

So write.