Some Advice To Parents

Apart from seeing your baby sick, seeing them in pain from an unavoidable part of growing is probably one of the most worrying times a parent faces. Most of us adults have had some sort of tooth ache that has warranted a trip to the dentist, which is probably what us parents imagine our babies go through when they start teething.

As a parent of a two and a half year old and a four month old I am now facing the second round of first teething. It can be quite distressing to see a very young baby in so much obvious pain trying to bite, even chomp down on anything they can get their hands on.

When our first born started teething we probably went through every baby teether we could find in pharmacies and shops specialising in baby products. They all had different shapes and angles that would supposedly help. Some of them contained a liquid so you could put it in the fridge to provide a cooling effect to the baby's gums.

The problem we found with all the teethers we tried was that they just seemed to hard or awkward for our baby to handle or get any relief from. Both our children tended to get most relief from "chewing" on their own fingers or on our fingers. So it did seem to us that we needed something softer.

Enter The Best Baby Teether

Pretty much by accident we came across a teether that we had never heard of, despite its success over the last 50 years. Its name is Sophie the Giraffe, and like its name suggests it is shaped like a giraffe. Essentially it looks like a child's toy and is made from natural rubber (latex) which makes it very safe, especially in a world of health scares with many products produced in China.

Sophie has been on the market for 50 years and is still made in France to this day. According to a French friend of mine, pretty much every baby in France has one of these teethers and it has become something of a national symbol.

There are several advantages we have found with it, seeing how our four month old has taken to it. First of all it is relatively soft to the touch, allowing the baby to bite down as hard or as soft as is needed. This is a big difference to all the other baby teethers we had tried. There are many angles that our son can approach it from, either using the legs or the ears to find relief.

Secondly, it is very easy for very young babies to hold on to Sophie the Giraffe, as the legs, body and long neck are of varying thicknesses. Our baby got used to handling and angling it within a few days.

Thirdly, compared to a young baby it is quite large and it has no loose or detachable parts. This means that it does not pose a choking hazard. Nevertheless, you do want to keep an eye on a young child with any kind of toy.

One Minor Drawback

Sophie The Giraffe makes a squeaking sound even at the lightest touch. While this isn't really a problem with our four month old, our two and half year old likes to play with what she sees as a toy. In the first couple of days it was a novelty and the constant squeaking did get grind on our nerves, but as the novelty wore off the noise level abated as well. Despite this draw back we find that this still warrants a verdict of the best baby teether. For more info on our experience take a look at

A Quick History and Introduction To Sophie