When it's time for that next backyard party there is nothing that will set your event apart quite like a beer cooler. Due to the many different styles and sizes on the market today, however, this may require a bit more research than was original expected. Think of it like choosing a partner in a relationship. Although for some anything will do, for others it's a relationship they hope will provide entertainment for years to come.beer cooler (19745)

For those unaware of the difference, it may be important to note that some coolers chill faster than others and can be used for many beverages besides beers. Additionally, many now feature energy efficiency components which save money over time saving up to 30% more than previous models.

For many the appearance, style, size, and features are of primary concern and they vary widely. Some even come in a built-in style which is especially attractive in an outdoor grill barbecue area. If all other elements in this space are stainless steel, then it would be logical to include a custom beer cooler in the same finish in order to create a cohesive appearance.

Most people who love beer know that it is best when cold, just before the point where it turns to slush. The advantage of a cooler is that temperature remains consistent without the fluctuations often found in ice chests. When feeling that cool liquid slide down one's throat leaving the essence of ingredients tantalizing one's palette, it makes sense why one would want to join the party with a cool one.

One of the most basic types of coolers is the beer chest. They are highly convenient because of their compact size and shape which allows them to be plugged in and filled with cans of beer as opposed to kegs. For this type, no additional equipment is required for connection and they're great for sodas which allow beverages for the entire family. You can even buy a personalized beer cooler to fit your party's theme!

The most popular form of cooler is called a "kegerator." It has more features and allows preselected temperature control to ensure that beer from a keg comes out frosty colder anytime it's drawn. For this type a keg is required as well as hooking the keg tap to the dispenser line. After being plugged it, it's ready to go.

After selecting from the many choices, the right beer cooler will make the host the envy of all who attend the next backyard party. From the time the first glass is drawn with it's heady foam on top, your backyard will be the only place friends and neighbors will want to congregate. However, as with anything worth the effort, research and price comparison will ensure you get exactly what you want for the best price.