Over the years, there have been some great band logos and there have been some horrible band logos. Great band logos are hard to come by, but the good ones will be remembered forever in music history. If you are looking to buy merchandise that features any of the band logos mentioned in this guideline, check out stores like Buy.com and Hot Topic. Some of the best band logos are:

The Rolling Stones

Regardless of age, most people will quickly identify the lips and tongue band logo with The Rolling Stones. John Pasche designed the red lips and tongue logo for The Rolling Stones in 1971. John Pasche has also created some amazing logos for other well known bands, such as The Who and The Stranglers. If you are a big time Stones fan, then you probably know that the red lips and tongue logo first appeared on the inner sleeve of The Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers album. The red lips and tongue Stones logo is simple, but it will forever be a major part of pop history.

The Ramones

The Ramones are well known for their logo that looked like the Presidential seal. The logo featured the names of the members of the Ramone around an eagle that is bearing an apple tree branch. Of course, the members of The Ramones were Johnny, Joey, Dee Dee and Tommy. The Ramones famous Presidential seal band logo was designed by Arturo Vega, a long time friend of the band. Arturo Vega went with the idea of a Presidential seal logo after he deemed The Ramones the ultimate all-American rock band after they performed in Washington DC. In the real President seal, the eagle would also be holding arrows, but The Ramones replaced the arrows with a baseball bat.

The Who

The Who is a band that has been gracing the world with their music since the 1960's. In 1964, Brian Pike created a band logo for The Who that will be remembered forever as one of the best rock band logos ever. In the logo that Pike created for the brand, the h's in The and Who are connected to create a sense of unity. The o in Who also features an arrow that is pointing in an upward direction. Pike said that the arrow was placed on top of the o to portray an uplifting edge. This particular band logo is well known for its target background. In The Who logo that Brian Pike created, the band name is written across a red, white and blue target that sits on a black background.