Only One Can Claim the Title of The Greatest Band

To determine which of the many musical groups is the "best ever," one must look at not only record sales, but even more importantly at the legacy the band left.  Some truly great bands are still playing after decades of touring and album after album such as AC/DC.  To determine the very best, let's look first at originality.

One can find many similarities between bands such as Zeppelin, The Beatles, and The Who.  Each band branched out just a little bit and dared to be different and set themselves apart.  Many music genres are influenced by these bands, yet one band stands alone in not only influencing bands many decades after their birth, but also in creating a genre entirely of their own - metal.  That great band is Black Sabbath.  Most modern hard-core, metal, and rock bands credit Sabbath as their greatest influence.  In fact, Rob Zombie said, "Everybody knows that Black Sabbath started everything and almost every single thing that people are playing today has already been done by Black Sabbath. They wrote every single good riff...ever."  He isn't exaggerating, most metal guitar riffs are Sabbath riffs that have just been tweaked by slowing down or speeding up or adding an extra strum etc.  Most bands today would not exist if it weren't for the ground breaking musicianship of Sabbath - and the bands know it.

Black SabbathSecond, let's look at talent.  The Who had an awesome drummer, Van Halen had one of, if not the best, guitarist of all time in Eddie, but Sabbath had it all.  The best vocalist ever in John Michael "Ozzy" Osbourne, the "riff-master" Toni Iommi who wrote the heaviest and fiercest guitar parts of anyone before him, Terence "Geezer" Butler who wrote incredibly poetic lyrics and slapped the bass with extreme precision, and Bill Ward who out-drums just about any percussionist out there.  It is true that there are bands with more pure talent than Black Sabbath such as Dream Theater, but absolutely none with the combination of talent, originality, and influence as Sabbath.

I'm sure that you have gathered by now that Black Sabbath is the greatest and most influential band of all time.  It is also my belief that Led Zeppelin and The Beatles represent the most over-rated bands ever.  Their success is due more to advertising and media attention than it is to their music.  Black Sabbath earned their attention by doing something that had never been done before, and they amazed fans in the 70's just as they do today with their timeless music.