Baseball season begins in early April, so baseball fans tend to become interested in baseball video games. A number of titles have been released in the past 12 years, with quality varying from title to title and year to year. Below are the best video games available.

8. The Bigs (Blue Castle Games and 2K Sports)

The first game on the list is an over-the-top arcade game entitled The Bigs. The visuals in this game may be a bit outrageous, but the game play is fun. The highlight of the game is the showdown between pitcher and catcher, as the game features numerous power-ups to enhance this aspect of baseball.

7. All-Star Baseball (Iguana Entertainment/Acclaim)

The series of games under the “All-Star Baseball” title was designed for older systems, including the PS2 and N64. The N64 games were especially good and remain fun even today for those who have the older system. The game struck a careful balance between arcade and simulation, and it was very fun. The later versions on the PS2 were not as good as those produced on the N64, though.

6. MLB Slugfest (Midway)

This was another arcade baseball game produced for older consoles. What stood out about MLB Slugfest was the extensive commentary and humor. The over-the-top gameplay was similar to The Bigs.

5. Major League Baseball 2K (Visual Concepts/2K Sports)

This series is still on the market and attempts to compete with MLB: The Show (below). The 2K series usually fails, though. Each year the game includes new features and new enhancements, and the game itself looks very good. However, games in the series have been hampered by a variety of bugs and problems with game play.

4. High Heat Baseball (3DO)

Arguably the best baseball game for the PS2 and original Xbox was the High Heat Baseball series. The games never featured the best graphics, but the game play was several steps ahead of anything else that could compete. Each year, the developers continued to add options and enhancements.

3. Out of the Park Baseball (Out of the Park Developments)

For players who do not want any sort of arcade game play and who want to focus on the simulation aspects of baseball, the best game is Out of the Park Baseball. This series allows a player to take on the roll of a general manager and/or manager and control all aspects of a team. This includes making personnel decisions from the front office as well as decisions that affect actual games. 

2. MVP Baseball (EA Sports)

This title emerged from EA Sports from the old World Series Baseball Series. The 2004 and 2005 editions were both solid games and are also rather famous because of the number of fans who have produced modifications (mods) for different aspects of game play. EA had to discontinue the title after it lost licensing rights from MLB, but fans continue to modify the older games with updated rosters and new features.

1. MLB: The Show (SCEA)

The old MLB series produced under the label of 989 Sports was notoriously buggy, and the game play left something to be desired. Publisher SCEA then redesigned the game as MLB: The Show, and the game has improved steadily. The 2010 and 2011 editions of the game are the highest rated baseball games ever created, as the graphics are awe-inspiring and the game play is quite realistic.