Many people turn to YouTube to watch bass fishing videos to learn how to fish for bass.  The reason for this is pretty simple actually.  While it is helpful to read internet articles on how to catch bass, it may not be the best medium to communicate how to fish effectively because you can't actually see what you have to do.  You have to picture what you have to do while you are reading it.  With that being said, I decided to search YouTube to find the best bass fishing videos and bring you my favorites!  All these videos can be found on YouTube be searching for the exact name I refer to them by.

1) Bass Fishing Tips - Skeet Reese Drop Shot - This video is taught by professional sport fisherman, Skeet Reese.  Reese is part of the Bass Anglers Sportsmans Society (B.A.S.S.) and has won the B.A.S.S. Toyota Tundra Angler of the Year award in 2007.  He also won the 2009 Bassmaster Classic with a total weight of 54 pounds 13 ounces.  In this video, he teaches you how to use the "drop shot" technique of catching bass during the warm weather at the floor of a lake when lake fishing on a fishing boat.  Essentially what it is, is you set up a hook with a rubber worm on it and bounce it along the bottom of the lake floor.  This technique is especially good in the summer when the bass are on the lake floor because it is cooler.  In addition to the great advice he gives on the "drop shot" technique, you get to see him masterfully reel in many whoppers!  This is one of the best bass fishing videos out there!

2) Bass Fishing : Bass Fishing Lure Tips - Number two on our bass fishing videos list is one of the best overall bass fishing videos for beginners out there.  It shows you two basics setups of fishing lures for bass for catching bass both in cold weather (on the surface using a crank bait) and in warm weather (down at the floor of the lake using a "Carolina rig").  This video is taught by professional bass fisherman and the winner of two B.A.S.S. Western Divisionals, Ron Colby.  This is the first of the three bass fishing videos you want to watch if you are a beginner.

3) Basic Techniques of Bass Fishing - Although this video has a bit of a quirky host, it really covers all the bases of bass fishing from tying the correct knots, to setting up your reel (no matter if you own Shimano reels, Daiwa reels, or Penn reels), to going over the "deadly dozen" bass lures and baits.  In the "deadly dozen" are some Rapala lures, Heddon lures, and Strike King lures, just to name a few.  This is one of the bass fishing videos that is a must watch before you head out bass fishing!

Hopefully you were able to learn a lot about bass fishing from these informative bass fishing videos.  You shouldn't just stop at these videos though!  There are many other great bass fishing videos out there on YouTube that you can watch and improve your skills.  Just don't forget that in order to improve you can't just watch videos.  You have to go out and actually catch some fish!