Malem Bedwetting alarmFor very young children bedwetting is not at all unusual though when children who have reached the age of six and older continue to wet their beds it begins to be more of a serious concern for both the child and the parents. It is always a good idea to make an appointment with your family physician in order to be sure that your child does not suffer from any serious underlying medical problems. The good news is that there is a large number of simple solutions for the bedwetting issue that are surprisingly effect at solving the problem. One of the items available for parents with bed wetting children are protective mattress pads but this does not solve the source of the issue. These items are great for keeping the bed linens dry while you search for and apply a more effect method of treatment for your child. Prescription treatments are available to help stop your child's bedwetting but these always come with possible undesirable side-effects.

Bedwetting alarms are by far the most effective and preferred method for solving the problem. They work well for both the parents and the child. Most applicable for children between the ages of five and nine, bedwetting alarms are the best bet for solving this issue. A plethora of different kinds of bed wetting alarms are available to choose from and they each have there overall strengths and weaknesses. Bed wetting alarms are available in broad array of hues, types, and vary widely in the way in which they function. Some are simply more effective at what they do while others are more comfortable and less embarrassing for your child to use. By researching the broad spectrum of consumer opinions on the best bedwetting solutions you will be more able to ascertain which bed wetting alarm which be most effective for you and your child.

The following is a useful list of some of the best selling bedwetting alarms accompanied by some informative reviews accompanied by information regarding the effectiveness of the related products. Each of these product summaries will help you to clarify how the performance of each of these bedwetting alarms compares to its competitors. You will then have a better idea of which one will be the most effective solution for you. Bed wetting alarms are intended to condition the child's behavior by regularly awakening them prior to the act of wetting the bed. This helps to train the child to eventually do this on their own without the use of a bedwetting alarm.

Let us take a much more in depth look at the details of how each of the bedwetting alarms work by examining particular brands and types of products. We will begin with a close look at the "Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm" by Malem. The way this device functions is through a sensing device that works to detect moisture in the undergarments of your child. A wireless receiving station picks up the signal transmitted by the detector built into the alarm gives you adequate warning before any bedwetting has occurred. The simplistic design of this bedwetting alarm allows children to attach it to their clothing all by themselves right before bedtime. This helps to build your child's self confidence which goes a long way to solving the problem. It is good for them to have a sense of control. A tiny transmitting device is attached by a magnetic clip to the waist of your child's undergarments. This is what sends the signal to the wireless receiver. The wireless receiver is quite simple to install. All you need to do is set it on any flat surface such as a dresser or a bedside table or other place that is located within a fifty foot range of the transmitting device. At the first sign of moisture the receiver will alert you with an alarm.

A wide array of modes are available when setting up this bedwetting alarm. You can set the alarm to either vibrate, emit an audible tone or both. Immediately upon sensing the first signs of moisture the alarm will sound. The alarm will notify the parents and the child thus halting the bedwetting process before it fully occurs. Since the toggle for changing the alarm modes is located internally there is no need to worry about the alarm functions becoming accidentally switched when bumped. Malem is one of the higher priced brands of bedwetting alarms available. They are also the best selling brand of bed wetting solution as well. Cheaper brands need to be sewn into the fabric while Malem alarms need only be latched on with a simple yet effective clip.

The next bed wetting alarm that we are going to look at is the PottyMD Wet-Stop3.Like the Malem, the PottyMD is a clip on and does not need to be sewn into the fabric. There is need to fool with paper liners or pads either. This bed wetting alarm is very basic. You simply attach the sensor to the underpants while the vibrating piece attaches to the pajamas close to the ear. When moisture is first detected the alarm sounds. This allows your child time enough to rush to the restroom and avoid wetting their bed.

Now we will take a close look at the DRI Sleeper Alarm Excel model bed wetting alarm. This alarm's moisture detector is composed of a bendable material that is easy to affix to the inside of the underwear. Thanks to the fact that the detector is composed of a soft and flexible material, it is extremely comfortable and cleaning the unit is quick and easy. Included with the moisture detector unit there is also an alarm that can be affixed to the the shoulder of your child. Whenever the sensor picks up even the most minute traces of urine the alarm will sound and wake up your child. This should allow them enough time to easily get to the bathroom and prevent any further bedwetting from occurring.

Bed wetting alarms are the most popular and best selling solution for the bedwetting dilemma. You can find a great deal of informational resources available on the internet that will attest to the overall effectiveness of the various products mentioned here. Malem is the overall best selling brand and the most popular. By utilizing the reviews available online you can locate a bed wetting alarm that just may be the most effective and affordable device for you and your child.