The Best Acoustic Guitars For Beginners

Looking for the best beginner acoustic guitar? Choosing an acoustic guitar for a beginner isn’t an easy task since there are so many brands and models in the marketplace.  There are also quite a few cheap and very poorly designed guitars that you have to watch out for. Paying less than $100.00 dollars for an acoustic guitar or buying one from a department store isn’t your best option for a decent instrument for a beginner to learn on. Cheap guitars will make it harder for the student to press down on the strings which will hurt the fingers and just lead to frustration. Here are some beginner acoustic guitars that provide you great value for your money.

Yamaha FG700S Acoustic Guitar Bundle

Choosing a guitar bundle is a great option for a beginner. The Yamaha FG700s acoustic guitar bundle is a solid option. You not only get a decent guitar but you also get other gear to go along with it in a full package. This bundle includes a hard case, a strap, a guitar stand, guitar polish, and a guitar cloth. the set includes two sets of strings, 12 picks, and string winder to help you change strings on the instrument. The beginner also gets an instructional DVD and a capo as well. This is a lot of gear in one complete package for less than $250.00. This guitar is worth the price for a beginner and will be fun to own and learn on for any guitar student.

Daisy Rock WildWood Acoustic Short Scale Guitar, Pink Burst

This guitar is less than $180.00 and is perfect for girls.  The guitar is pink and features a nice cutaway which will make it easy to hit the higher notes on the instrument. Daisy Rock has been making guitars sited for the small hands of girls for some time now and this guitar would make the perfect starter instrument. The slim and narrow neck design is easy for the hands, and the guitar is lighter than a regular acoustic guitar so it's easier to carry. This guitar is suited for younger, smaller girls and comes with a gig bag too.

Fender CA-360 SCE Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Natural

Fender is known for their amazing electric guitars but they also make some nice acoustic instruments too. This CA-360 SCE Auditorium is a nice beginner instrument. The cutaway makes splaying at the higher frets easier. It features a solid spruce top, laminated Mahogany back and sides. The guitar has a pickup so you can plug it into an acoustic amplifier and it has a pre-amp. This would make an excellent starter guitar for an older teenager or adult looking to start playing acoustic guitar. This guitar will cost around $400.00.

Taylor Guitars Baby Taylor, BT2, Mahogany, Natural

Baby Taylor Guitar

For $300.00 you can own a baby Taylor which is perfect for younger students. This is a 3/4 size dreadnaught so it's much smaller than the larger acoustics which can be cumbersome for smaller players. It has a solid Mahogany top and Sapele Back and sides. The guitar comes with a gig bag. This is a well-made instrument in a small package. There is also a model signed by Taylor Swift for the girls. You can also buy a hard shell case for this small guitar which is recommended so it doesn't get damaged.

Seagull Coastline Grand Acoustic Guitar

This Seagull Coastline Grand is a nice instrument for only $400.00. The top is made out of solid spruce and the back and sides are wild cherry. The neck is a silver leaf maple and the fingerboard is rosewood. This guitar would be perfect for the adult wanting a nice instrument to start on but doesn't have a whole lot of money to spend on a quality acoustic instrument.

Great Beginner Acoustic Guitars

You can buy a decent acoustic guitar for a beginner. You might spend a bit more but it’s better to get something with some quality to it than buying a poorly designed guitar that is hard to play. Be sure to get a decent hard shell case with the guitar to protect it. Most gig bags don’t offer much protection and if you’re spending a chunk of change on a new guitar get some adequate protection for it. Enjoy playing your new acoustic guitar and have fun!