If you have ever shot more than one shotgun you know that there is a wide variety of styles and quality when it comes to a shotgun. There are also various uses for a shotgun. You can use a gun for protection. You can use a gun for hunting, or you can use a gun for sporting. Whatever your use, a shotgun is a great tool to have on hand. When it comes to comparing shotguns there are a few criteria that you should use to evaluate their effectiveness. Purpose (tactical, hunting, protection, sporting), firing capacity, range, quality of build, and price. A rough comparison of all of these criteria allows one manufacturer of shotgun to rise to the surface. Benelli shotguns are the industry standard and have been for nearly 40 years. Benelli shotguns are the shotgun of choice for police, military, and civilian shooters across the globe.

Benelli Shotguns

If you are looking for the standard 12 gauge shotgun that you can use for both hunting and shooting sporting clays then you should look into the Benelli Nova Pump shotgun. This gun is reliable and packed full of features that will leave even the most determined gun critic speechless. The gun holds up well against its competitors because it provides the features of a much pricier gun in an affordable yet quality package. The gun shoots 12 gauge shells in a semi automatic format. This means that the gun hold 4 shells in the shell and one in the chamber for a total of 5 shots. This allows you to load your gun for rapid semi auto firing if needed. For the hunter and the sportsman this is a great feature. It allows you to take multiple shots of your target before it gets out of range.

The Benelli M3 shotgun is the shotgun of choice for police operations. Specifically, American Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams across the country use the M3 as their shotgun of choice. They like this gun for its dependability, ease of use, ease of cleaning, and ability to deliver deadly force at any time. The gun delivers 12 gauge power in a compact format that allows the police officer to maneuver in tight spaces and afford them free hand movements since the gun itself is so light.

The Benelli Super Black Eagle is also a very popular gun because of its ability to house the semi auto action within a 12 gauge format. This makes this the gun of choice for anyone interested in hunting water fowl. Water fowl are an extremely hard target to reach and this gun allows you to do just that in a modern reliable weapon. If you are serious about your hunting then you should think seriously about the Benelli Super Black Eagle. You will not be disappointed.