The majority of people will choose to wear black casual dress shoes, because there are quite a few advantages of wearing them. There are even some people that choose to wear white dress shoes because there are quite a few white shoes that have a unique look. However, there are very few people that actually choose to wear a pair of black and white casual dress shoes.

It takes a bold personality to walk into a formal occasion with a pair of black and white dress shoes on. The unique thing about dress shoes of this style is that nearly everybody likes the way that they look, but very few people are willing to make the bold move and actually wear them. This article is designed to provide you with a few examples of the best black and white casual dress shoes to purchase, and some of the reasons to wear them!

Betsey Johnson Daaisy Dress Flats

If I had to pick one word to describe this pair of shoes, it would most definitely be “cute”. I think that it is a combination of the black and white polka dots at the front of the shoes, and the clear sided walls of the flats that allow them to have this cute overall effect.

In addition, their price will make your jaw drop right to the floor! The majority of the Betsey Johnson shoes available online will cost you must more than $100; moreover, this pair of Daaisy flats being available for under $100 is practically a steal. It is quite difficult to find great pairs of casual dress shoes for under $100 in general; nonetheless, to find a pair that is made by a reputable brand name for that price!

Black And White Dress Shoes Will Match All Clothes That You Pair Them With

The unique thing about black and white is that they are actually shades and not colors that involve a hue. This gives them the ability to match with any other color that you pair them up with! The amazing thing about them matching all of the colors, is that the human eye is naturally pleased by seeing black and white being paired with other colors. One of the main benefits of black casual dress shoes is that they match any other color; in addition, white shoes have nearly the same effect.

You can try this experiment by yourself. Focus on a point that is far away from you, and have two separate people stand on either side of you. One person should be wearing a pair of brown shoes with some unmatched clothing, and the other person should be wearing a pair of black or white shoes with clothing that is made up of any color. You will nearly immediately use your peripheral vision to look at the individual that is wearing the pair of black or white casual dress shoes as opposed to the person that is wearing the brown ones.

Stacy Adams Dayton Wing-Tip Oxford

I imagined that these shoes were part of a costume when I had first looked at them; I think that I had imagined this because of the hard contrast between white and black on the face of the shoes. However, I then proceeded to wear them with my black pinstriped suit because I had figured that it was worth a shot. I had received so many compliments throughout the night that I was absolutely shocked!

These black and white casual dress shoes may look a little bit weird at first glance; however, Amazon has an amazing return policy for the products that you purchase. Take a look at Amazon’s return policy, and give these dress shoes a try.

I would highly recommend buying these if you have a bold personality. The reason that I say this is because these dress shoes attract a lot of attention, and only a person with a bold personality will be able to handle that attention effectively.

Black And White Casual Dress Shoes Will Allow You To Stand Out From The Crowd

There was one time that I saw one of my uncle’s walk into one of our family events with a pair of dark green dress shoes on. I believe that he received a compliment from at least 90% of the people that were at the occasion. It was only then that I realized the potential of wearing a pair of dress shoes that allow you to stand out from the crowd.

Choosing any of the pairs of black and white casual dress shoes that are listed throughout this article will definitely allow you to stand out from the people around you, and ultimately gain all of the attention that you could ever want.