Gone are the days when you either opted for curtains, for your windows, or chose between venetian or roller blinds. These days there are so many blinds available. Of course, in order to purchase the most suitable blinds for your home you will need to consider:-

The cost.

The longevity.


Range of colours and materials.


Ease of care.


The fitting.

Remember that sometimes the cheapest product works out more expensive in the long run. If you are aiming to buy blinds that will have longevity, you may have to pay more. However, if the blinds then last for a great length of time they will be good value.

How durable and easy the blinds are to clean will be more important in some rooms of your home, than in others. Bathrooms can become steamy and so mildew could be a problem. In the bathroom your blinds will also need to be colour fast and have fittings that will not rust. In the kitchen blinds may become dirty and greasy quickly, depending upon how you use your kitchen. If you cook fried foods every day, for example, without opening a window, or usng an extractor fan, they will soon be filthy.

Styles range from plain and stark to brught and fussy so the choice is yours. Remember to decide if the blinds will fit into a window space or outside of this space. This will affect the measurements.

Venetian blinds.

These blinds have come down in price a lot lately. Some of the cheaper blinds are made of a flimsy material and will not last.

Venetian blinds are available in wood, wood effect, metal, plastic with mini or wide slats and in a wide range of colours. Remember that white can soon look discoloured and that bright fashionable colours may soon date.

Roller blinds.

Roller blinds can be a good option in a bathroom. They are pefect for a room that needs to make full use of the light from the windows, but needs to have a means to close out the world for privacy. Roller blinds are usually very easy to fit.You can choose from a range of florals, patterns and plains. Some have added braids and frills but you could personalise your blinds this way yourself. Look for roller blinds made out of wipe clean, stain resistant fabric, so that they will look good over the years.

Vertical blinds.

Some people think that vertical blinds are more suitable for the office and that they do not look right around the home. Personally, I do not agree. If you would like to achieve a minimalistic effect vertical blinds might suit you perfectly.

Some vertical blinds can be dismantled and washed in a washing machine. However, others must only be wiped clean occasionally. You may be able to lightly vacuum them or steam clean them. Check out the manufactuer's cleaning instructions.

Roman blinds

Roman blinds create a more gentle look for your windows. These can be made in many materials and can be matched perfectly to your other furnishings.

Additional blinds.

There are a range of cheaper blinds such as bamboo blinds. Many of the cheapest blinds cannot be cleaned and so have a limited life.

Final thoughts.

Blinds can offer what you want, in terms of window dressing and privacy. Angle vertical blinds correctly and you will let light in, but keep prying eyes out. Blinds will also help protect your furnishings from sun damage throughout the year. This alone may save you a small fortune.