Millions of people experience the uncomfortable feeling of bloating every day. Usually after eating a heavy meal or drinking a large quantity, your stomach expands and feels overly full, to the point that you are quite uncomfortable. After the symptoms of bloating set in, most people reach for some form of relief, hoping to cure the causes of their bloating. Pills or some liquid medicine can be used which can help reduce the size of your stomach and help you expel some necessary gas. Probably the most important question is figuring out what is the best bloating medicine to try out.

According to customer reviews and general information, the two best over the counter medicines to help your bloating is Gas X and Phazyme 95. The gas products that have built up in your stomach are reduced when using either one of the aforementioned products. The pharmacist is probably the best person that can give you advice about which over the counter medicine will best help you ease the bloating. The Internet is full of different types of website that give you actual user information and this can help guide you during the selection process. In some rare cases, medicines do not work and if that is the case with you, be sure to seek medical help, because it could be a warning sign for a different medical issue.

If you do not want to take medicines, there are other changes in your lifestyle can help improve your symptoms. Doctors often recommend going for a brief walk outside after a meal, which can help reduce your symptoms. Fresh air helps to stimulate your body to digest your food quicker, and thus the bloating will go away faster. Stay away from products that have caffeine is also recommended, because it affects your digestive system and makes it harder to break down food. Try these suggestions to improve your symptoms and give the over the counter medicines a try in order to help your bloating symptoms.

Go online and look into tips and advice that other people have to offer, because this is a wide spread condition. Look at what you eat and try not to eat things that tend to have given you the bloated feeling in the past. Bloating medicine will most likely treat people's frequent bloating, but it is important to try and reduce what you eat and be sure to get exercise to help and make this a less common occurrence.