Why buy a bluetooth speaker

Music can create a romantic feel, give you more energy to workout or clean, make you want to dance, get you hyped up or calm you down. What you listen to has the ability to affect your mood, and alter your state of mind.

A portable wireless speaker will provide you with quality sound wherever you go. You can also choose to go for a more traditional home theatre system using bluetooth technology and avoid all the hassle of hiding or dealing with cords and wires.

They work well with any bluetooth-enabled device and don't need a Wi-Fi connection. This makes buying a bluetooth speaker, over apple only AirPlay speakers, the more attractive option for most people, based on versatility.

What to look for when buying

Your need

Are you looking for a compact speaker that you can haul around with you wherever you go? Will you be using it, listening to music at campgrounds, on the beach, mountain biking white water rafting, or similar activities, therefore needing a more rugged design? Are you looking to replace your home audio system to get away from all the wires and cables that are not appealing to look at and a pain to work with? 


You have to be able to hear what you're listening to and more than that, the sound should be crisp and clear. While this is true for any speaker, it is especially important to find a bluetooth speaker that sounds as good outside as it does inside. This is accomplished through good quality speakers that have omnidirectional designs, balanced sound with clear treble and decent bass.

Battery life

It defeats the purpose of having a portable or wireless speaker if you have to constantly charge it, therefore being tied to an electrical outlet. Almost all bluetooth speakers utilize rechargeable batteries, however, their battery life varies by design. Look at this when deciding on your purchase. Some last as little as six hours and others stay strong for over 40 hours of play time. There should be a battery life indicator, this way you know how much time you have before needing to recharge.


There are several different functions available that are both user-friendly and convenient to have. Make sure your bluetooth comes with the functions you think will be useful.                      

The Headset: allows you to use the speaker as a speakerphone.                                                      

The Hands-Free option: allows you to use voice commands.                                                          

The remote playlist: allows you to control your playlist from the speaker, without this option, you will need to use your tablet or phone to control your playlist.                

Charging port: This feature allows you to charge other devices directly from your speaker.


The best portable bluetooth speakers are designed to be durable enough to take with you pretty much anywhere. They are water resistant and made from material that resists damage from being dropped or bumped. Some come with mounts or straps for the ability to take them hiking, rafting, biking, or where ever you go.

The top 3 bluetooth speakers


1. Fugoo Series- There are three Fugoo speakers to choose from: Style, Sport, and Tough.

Best portable Bluetooth speaker for durability, battery life and functions.

FUGOO Tough - Portable Rugged Bluetooth Wireless Go Anywhere Speaker Waterproof Shockproof Mud-proof Snow-proof
Amazon Price: $229.99 $199.19 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 10, 2016)
The Fugoo is superior in durability, has 40 hours of battery life, high quality sound, and lacks nothing when it comes to functionality. The Fugoo series is number one for a reason.It lacks nothing, complete with all functions listed above.

2. Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III

Best Bluetooth speaker for superior sound quality.

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III
Amazon Price: $299.00 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 10, 2016)
Bose is known for their superior sound quality and the SoundLink is no exception. If Sound quality and functionality is an important factor for you, then you can't beat the SoundLink. It's battery lasts for 14 hours. Some drawbacks to Bose Soundlink however is the lack of functions, such as, durability, hands-free voice command, external charging dock, and remote playlist.

3. Logitech Ultimate Ears Boom

Best portable Bluetooth speaker for design.

UE BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Black
Amazon Price: $154.98 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 10, 2016)
The Logitech Ultimate Ears Boom is an excellent speaker for sound quality and loudness. However, this speaker makes the top three list due to its design. It is about the size of an energy drink, fits in cup holders, and is convenient to take with you anywhere you go. It is rugged and can withstand impact, has a battery that can last 15 hours and a two-year warranty. However, the Logitech ears boom lacks an external charging port and doesn't have a remote playlist, therefore you will need to use your phone or tablet to control your playlist.