A strategy board game that will leave you wanting to play again and again

First conceived by German citizen Klaus Teuber, Settlers of Catan has grown into one of the most popular games in the world.  From an outsider’s perspective, “Settlers,” as it is commonly known, looks like a game for nerds and outsiders, but once you are immersed into the game, you will quickly understand its appeal.  Hours later, after your first game is completed, you will almost certainly feel a compulsion to play again, and play again you will.

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Settlers Game Play in Brief

It takes about 10 minutes to set up the Settlers of Catan game board, which consists of hexagons with different pictures, circles with numbers, and a “sea” border.  The object of the game is to win ten victory points by strategically placing settlements, cities, and roads on the game board adjacent to hexagons that will help you earn resources.  Part chance and part strategy, you want to place settlements next to hexagons with resources and numbers (dictated by the circles) that have a high probability to be rolled.  The more resources you get, the more cities and settlements you will build, and thus the more points you will score.  You can even trade resources with other players in the game if you are severely lacking in a certain category. 


The initial game can be played with three to four people, although an expansion pack can be purchased to up to six people can play.  Settlers is recommended for ages ten and up. 

What’s the Big Deal?

As already mentioned, Settlers initially comes across as a game for people who do not like to get outside.  While you might spend hours playing this game, that does not make you a nerd, dork, or outsider.  Rather, being able to play Settlers will make you seem cool and smart.  So don’t be shy to pick up this great strategy game. 

One of the biggest reasons Settlers is so great is because no two games are the same.  Unless you are a beginner, the hexagonal game pieces are placed randomly on the board each and every game.  This means that pieces are never in the same place from one game to the next.  This means that you must constantly be looking for the most advantageous spaces on the board to place your cities and towns. 

As mentioned above, you can trade resource cards in Settlers, adding an extra element of complexity and fun to the game.  Throughout the entire game you can trade and deny trades to other players, either out of strategy or just because you have made enemies during the game. 

Who can play?

The game suggests that people ages ten and up can play this game, which is a generally good guideline.  Keep in mind if you are playing Settlers for the first time, you should probably play with one of your less competitive friends since seasoned Settlers players could make a novice’s initial game not very much fun. 

Why is Settlers of Catan Different?

Part Risk, part Monopoly, part something completely different, Settlers of Catan is a game full of luck that is dictated by a strong strategy.  Never have I played a game that sucks in players young and old in the way this game does.  Never have I played a game that keeps people constantly wanting to come back for more.  There’s always another game to play; another time to refine your strategy. 

So if you want something just a little different, if you want something that will challenge you, go to the nearest store and pick up this game.  You will not be disappointed.  

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