Kavik is the best book ever written. It discusses the struggles of a half dog half wolf puppy. The puppy's owner immediately realized that the puppy was special when the puppy bit him on the thumb. He was amazed that such a small puppy could be so violent at a young age. He decided to name the puppy Kavik which means wolverine because of his aggresive behavior. The puppy's owner dog sled. His owner used a sled pulled by dogs to cross the alaskan wilderness for the enormous cash prize. Kavik grew quickly and was one of the best dog sled leaders around. He led his master to win the cash prize. Several years pass and then someone came to Kavik's owner looking for a dog to buy. Kavik's owner tries to sell the man one of his other dogs but the man immediately states that he wanted Kavik. The man says that he'll pay Kavik's owner a huge amount of cash for Kavik. Kavik's owner thought for a moment and decided to sell Kavik to the man. The man had plans to fly Kavik to his home many miles away and when Kavik was on the plane the captain had died while driving the plane and the plane crashes. Kavik was in a iron cage for days and faced many hungry animals. Any normal dog would have died but Kavik was different. Kavik survived and the man that brought Kavik found him. The man wanted Kavik to do tricks. Kavik soon escaped from the man and was deep in the forest. There he found a female wolf and the two fell in love. Kavik and the female wolf had puppies but the female wolf would soon die. Kavik went to the female wolf's side and howled into the night. Kavik started to wander around deeep in the alaskan forests. Kavik was once again in bad shape. He was then found by a boy. The boy took Kavik in and healed him back to health. Kavik was as good as new. Kavik and the boy had become best friends and the two did everything together. They were happy. Kavik and the boy lived, slept, ate, and played together. Kavik is one of the most interesting books that I've ever read. I enjoyed every last inch of this book. This book would please any reader no matter what grade they are in. When someone reads this book they'll immediately fall in love with it. The book lures you into it. Once you read one part you just have to read another. The book is exciting. The author must have been a genius to write such a great book. The book is just so interesting and makes its readers love it. The book isn't like any boring book that you have to read for a school project. The book is something that you want to read. The words flow together and creates such a soothing mood. It could turn anyone's frown upside down. The book has a combination of adventure, romance, action, and gives the reader a sense of enjoyment. I would recommend this book for any viewer no matter what age. Schools should have books such as Kavik to keep their students entertained. If more books were like Kavik the book world would be a better more interesting place.