Looking for books about tube amplifiers for guitar? There is nothing quite like a good tube amplifier for your guitar. While solid state amplifiers and those with digital effects have come a long way in rent years nothing can beat the warmth and tone on an old tube amplifier. There are many makes and models of tube amplifiers and it can be tough to figure them all out. This article looks at some good books you can read about tube amplifiers.

Guitar Amplifier Handbook - Understanding Tube Amplifiers and Getting Great Sounds By Dave Hunter

This book looks at the hype and mythology surrounding tube amplifiers. You will learn how the unique combination of capacitors, resistors, and transformers contribute to the quality of sounds you get from an electric guitar. In this thorough book you’ll cut through the marketing and learn what you need to know to choose the right amplifier and make the most of it when you get it home. The book features in-depth interviews with leading figures in the world of tube amplifier building. You will even get full instructions of how to build your own tube amplifier from the ground up.

Valve Amplifiers by Morgan Jones

This book has been recognized as the most complete guide to valve amplifiers, amplifier design, analysis, modifications, maintenance, and construction for over 30 years. The author provides a straight forward approach and provides detail for those will little knowledge of the field and is a standard reference text for experts as well. The book will benefit audio engineers who face challenges involving valve amplifiers. Readers will learn how to design and build from scratch amplifier designs that work through a step by step approach from the author. You’ll learn stages, compound stages, linking stages together, and finally how to make complete designs. You will also learn important aspects of safety when working with valve amplifiers. For anyone who wants to learn the nuts and bolts of valve amplifiers this is the book for you.

All About Vacuum Tube Guitar Amplifiers by Gerald Weber

This book explores and de-mystifies the inner workings of tube amplifiers. You will get tons of information to get the most form your amplifiers in this book. You’ll learn how tube amplifiers work, the anatomy of a gain stage, how to resurrect a dormant tube amplifier, how to do a cap job correctly, and modifications to help you preserve your amplifier. You will learn how to voice an amplifier, tune your reverb, how to build the amplifier, work on the cabinet, do a re-grill, and how to buy a vintage amplifier. You will learn the secrets to good tone and how to avoid tone problems. Get information on how to fine-tune your entire amplifier setup and get information on getting the best performance out of your gear.

High-Power Audio Amplifier Construction Manual by G. Randy Slone

In this book you’ll learn how to design and build amplifiers. You will get step by step instructions in this manual from the author. You will learn how to optimize the performance of your amplifier and learn the physics of audio amplifier operation. The guide walks you through building the best power supply, the amplifier and speaker, stability, building distortion, performance, construction techniques, diagnostic equipment, output stage configurations, classes, device types, and much more. This book is perfect for anyone who wants to get hands-on with building their own amplifier or who just want to know how they operate.

Great Books on Tube Amplifiers

There are a lot of decent books out there if you’re interested in tube amplifier or want to build one yourself. These amplifiers are the foundation of good guitar tone and they will be with us for years to come. I don’t there will come a time when digital processing can replace the sounds produce by these marvelous, yet simple devices.