Bvlgari originally started in Italy as a luxury goods retailer and jeweler, but developed into high end brand, that specializes in handbags, watches, hotels, accessories and fragrances.

The trademark of this brand is most of the time written as BVLGARI, which is the name of the brand in the ancient style of the Romans.

Below you will find an overview of the best Bvlgari colognes for men.

Blv Pour Homme by Bvlgari

Blv Pour Homme is a fresh, woody and seductive fragrance. The main ingredients for this fragrance for men are ginger, tobacco flower, juniper, sandalwood, cedar and musk.

BLV Pour Homme is wrapped in a remarkable clear blue bottle.

Pour Homme Extreme by Bvlgari

Pour Homme Extreme is just like Pour Homme a woody, aromatic and masculine cologne. Coriander, lavender, tea, grapefruit, neroli, bergamot, nutmeg, pepper, cardamom, sandalwood, musk, oak moss and cedar are the ingredients for the Bvlgari fragrance, which is wrapped in a sleek but stylish bottle. Pour Homme Extreme was introduced on the market in 1999.

Aqva Pour Homme by Bvlgari

Aqva Pour Homme was launched in 2005 and is a fresh and masculine cologne. The fragrance is aimed at powerful men who like challenges and adventures. The main ingredients of Aqva Pour Homme are amber, patchouli, mandarin, cedar, posidonia (an aquatic plant) and lavender.

The fragrance is very energetic, so it is recommended to apply it in moderate quantity.

Aqva Pour Homme Marine by Bvlgari

Aqva Pour Homme Marine is a relatively new fragrance, which was launched by Bvlgari in 2008. The cologne is inspired by the deep sea waters and it is a refreshing and natural fragrance. Aqva Pour Homme Marine is aimed at the harmonious and confident man and the main ingredients are neroli, grapefruit, white cedar wood and amber.

The bottle and the perfume symbolize the transparency of crystal clear water.

Black by Bvlgari

Black is a contemporary, vibrant and intense fragrance. The inspiration for this cologne was big, modern cities and is aimed at the modern, independent, urban man. Black tea, smoke, rubber, amber and nuts are the main ingredients for Black by Bvlgari.

This cologne is recommended for day- or evening wear.

Man by Bvlgari

This cologne was launched in 2010, has a woody and oriental scent and is aimed at sexy, confident and modern men. The main ingredients for Man by Bvlgari are lotus, bergamot, violet leaf, vetiver, sandalwood, cashmere wood, benzoin, honey, amber and musk.

Blv Notte Pour Homme by Bvlgari

Bvl Notte is a gently sweet cologne, available in a version for women and a version for men. Dark chocolate, tobacco, flower, ginger and spices are the main ingredients.

People call Blv Notte Pour Homme a lady killer fragrance, because women fall for the chocolate part of the cologne.

Online Best Bvlgari Cologne For Men Promotions

When you visit perfumeries or department stores, you can find good offers for the best Bvlgari colognes, but it often also pays to do some research on the internet, since a lot of specialized online fragrance shops offer attractive online Bvlgari cologne promotions.

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