Having a successful online presence is important for any business wishing to increase its sales by reaching out to more potential customers. When constructing a company website, picking a content management system (CMS) that's compatible with search engine optimization efforts is crucial. This is because search engine optimization, or SEO, is the key to good online marketing, the thing that places you high on search engine results pages and allows potential customers to find you. So a CMS that facilitates SEO is a must.

Here are some of the features that an SEO friendly CMS should have:

  • It should allow you to edit title and description tags separately from article titles and descriptions.
  • It should facilitate editing heading tags.
  • It should let you move pages and sections of pages around without hassle.
  • It should support RSS feeds and analytics.
  • It should let you create standard-compliant code.
  • It should make it easy to create and organize your own directory and filename structures.
  • It should provide search engines with easily-to-navigate site maps.
These five CMSs are some of the best for SEO friendly websites. They have all if not most of the above requirements.

This CMS has a built-in SEO management program called SEO Pro. It has features like automatic tags that help you optimize your website.

This search engine friendly CMS has a huge variety of options for creating and organizing meta content, tags and search engine friendly URLs.

Drupal provides clean URLs and a variety of useful SEO friendly plug-ins. It also has its own SEO management module, called SEO Checklist. It guides you through the optimization process while letting everyone in the company keep track of the changes on specific pages made by others. Contact your local San Deigo web development company for help creating a powerful Drupal website.

MODx lets you easily create SEO friendly URLs and adjust meta content on a per-page basis. With simple title pages and automatic headers and tags, this CMS comes SEO ready straight out of the box.

CMS Made Simple
If you know how to modify htaccess files, CMS Made Simple is actually pretty simple. You can easily generate SEO friendly URLs, and page titles and meta tags are automatically built-in, though you can modify them later however you want.