Hide Scars on Face

Finding the best camouflage makeup for scars can be difficult to find, especially when the scars or blemishes are deep and regular concealer just won't do.

 Most women and even men are desperate to find a heavy concealer that will hide scars on the face, legs, neck and even the décolleté (cleavage).

So what is the best all in one concealer that will last all day and in many different types of temperatures and settings and for women and men who want to hide tattoos, bruises, age spots, spider veins, burn scars, stretch marks and vitiligo?

 Hands down for me, it would have to be Dermablend.

 Dermablend has stood the test of time for everyday women to women who need to cover up blemishes and scars on the theater stage.

 This concealer is heavy duty. Let's be real, it's not for the small blemish or tiny scar. This concealer is for deep scars and skin conditions which require more coverage or camouflage. The real beauty about Dermablend to me is that it ranges in so many different skin shades.

Last I counted, it was at 13 shades or so. And we all know that no woman has the same skin coloring. Even within the same ethnic group or race, a woman's skin color can vary from pale to dark and the average everyday concealer only provides for about three or four shades even when the brand claims to reach out to skin of color like Asian, African American, Mediterranean or Indian .

To me that's one of the identifiers for a great concealer. The best concealers on the market account for variations in skin color. They don't just offer a light, medium and dark. No one has a complexion that is SIMPLY one of three shades. 

Dermablend Makeup – Concealer Reviews

So here is my very own personal review. I really like this concealer, on a scale of 1-10, I'd give it a 9. It really does provide maximum coverage for not just facial scars or heavy blemishes, but also body coverage as well.

I use my Dermablend concealer to cover up my tattoo. Yes, I'm embarrassed about my tattoo. It was a mistake I made when I was just 19 and worse yet, it's on my cleavage.

I first found about this product almost 10 years ago. I tested it out at Bloomingdales, where my makeup sales person was very knowledgeable. That was also the first time I learned I was slightly lighter on my cleavage area, than I was on my face.

 When I got the product home, I tested it out. Using the little spatula that the concealer comes with. And I really loved the way it blended. 10 years ago, there really wasn't a Dermablend specifically for the body and legs.

Back then it worked well for the face and body. And on occasion, I did use a lighter color to cover blemishes and pimples that just wouldn't go away easily. I also loved the fact that the product came with setting powder.

This is important to use when applying on the body and wearing clothes that may come into contact with the concealer. You don't want the makeup to get on your clothes and with the setting powder, the concealer doesn't do this.

 This heavy duty concealer also lasts up to 16 hours which is great too. My only wish is that it could be custom blended. Though 13 shades are really good, sometimes you do spend a lot of time blending, too much if you ask me.

 But hands down Dermablend is the best camouflage makeup for scars.