One thing will always be true: even the best camping beds on the market will not be as comfortable as the mattress and box spring that you sleep on every night; however, with the right features, an inflatable mattress can come pretty close! Heading over to any sport or outdoor store will allow you to see that there are literally hundreds of camping beds to choose from; how can you decide which one you should buy?

This article is geared towards listing/describing the best camping beds, as well as the features that you should look for when you are buying one! I believe that a good camping bed plays an integral role in an arsenal of camping gear; it is nearly essential for a great camping trip!

The Best Camping Beds Will Come With A Hand Pump-No Electricity Required!

Some pieces of land that have been set up as camping grounds will have electrical outlets scattered throughout them; however, choosing to take your camping gear into the woods will show you how to “rough it out” because there are no electrical outlets around! Some air mattresses come with an electrical pump, and some require you to blow directly into the tube with your mouth; however, the best camping beds come with a hand pump.

Filling up a camping bed with air through a hand pump requires more work than simply flipping a switch on an electrical pump; however, no electricity is required. For the best results, I would buy a hand pump separately from an outdoor store and place it with my camping gear.

Coleman And Intex Have The Largest Selection Of Air Mattresses For Camping-Most Of The Top 10 Camping Beds Come From Them!

Coleman is reputable for producing some of the most durable camping beds on the market. In addition, they have been producing camping and outdoor gear for many years, so you can be sure that you are buying a product that is backed by brand reputability! I would really consider buying the Coleman 4 in 1 Quickbed for my next camping trip because it can be used as two separate twin air beds, or zipped together to make one king size bed. I would place this on the list of the best camping beds because it serves multiple purposes. Camping is about getting the most out of the camping gear that you bought; moreover, buying a tent, air mattress, emergency fire starter, or utility knife that serves multiple purposes is a plus!

Intex is known for manufacturing some of the most comfortable camping beds on the market. Any camper that cares about comfort will own or have owned an Intex air mattress! A comfortable camping bed is important to bring along on a camping trip because it will allow you to have a restful sleep at night. No matter how many times that you have been camping or what camping gear you bring along on your trip, you will never feel “at home”. With that being said, an Intex camping bed will allow you to feel as “at home” as possible!

Look For Air Mattresses With Legs To Keep You Elevated Off Of The Ground

An air mattress with legs should be included as one of the best camping beds for a few reasons:

It offers additional storage for camping gear- Large camping tents can offer a lot of space for the people inside of them; however, additional room is always great. An air mattress with legs will allow the campers to place some of their camping gear underneath the camping bed; it will create some extra space inside of the tent.

It keeps you safe from bugs- Bug spray and insect repellant are usually part of everyone’s camping gear that they bring along; however, they will only protect you from those pesky critters to a certain degree! An inflatable mattress with legs will actually allow you to sleep a few inches off of the ground, which will deter the majority of the bugs from crawling up and waking you up at night. Not only will this type of camping mattress protect you from bug bites, but it will also allow for a more restful sleep!

Buying a camping bed can be a rather large purchase; most beds will cost over $100. Considering the fact that the majority of the camping gear that you buy will only cost $15 or $20, spending $100 on an air mattress can make a substantial dent in your wallet! At the end of the day, camping trips are about “roughing it out”, so you will never find a tent that prevents all bugs, fire starter that works right away, or bed that feels extremely comfortable. The best camping beds will never feel as good as your regular mattress; however, they can be relatively comfortable if you look for the right features!