If you travel a lot or you are simply a mountaineer who is always looking for adventure, then you must know that drinking water from just anywhere cannot be so safe.

Even if you drink water from say a clean water stream or river, it may not be considered safe. Why? Because even if you cannot actually see it or smell it, even the clearest of those crystal waters do not guarantee that there is actually something down there that have been killed or thrown.

Even if you stay at a fine hotel, you can never be sure that their tap water is clean so it would really be advisable for you to buy a camping water filter.

You may think that since you are an adventurous person, you can simply be "carpe diem" about things but this is your health that you are risking. You may have high immune system but the truth is that some bacteria are very strong that they can get through anyone's system no matter how strong that person is.

You can also say that you've been to that place before and you've already had a taste of their water and nothing happened to you so no need for a camping water filter.

However, you do not live there and how long was that? Even if that was just a week ago, it is still week duration and that can never be a good thing. It is really just better to be sure and safe than spoil your whole trip because you got sick (amoebasis, diarrhea, constipation, etc) because of the water you drink.

So how would you know what camping water filter to buy? Make sure that what you are buying is the one that really cleans the water thoroughly.

There are some filters that only remove the odor of the water and some even extract all the minerals from water.