One of the first modifications that people do to their vehicles is almost always swap out their factory parts for aftermarket car exhaust systems. However, this may be a dauntingly difficult decision to make due to the vast amount of brands and models that are available for purchase to the common consumer. This decision can be a lot easier if one possesses the proper knowledge of the most reputable brands of car exhaust systems, as well as the most popular models within each brand. This article contains all of the information that those individuals are looking for by stating and describing the best brands of car exhaust systems, as well as the most popular models within each brand. Use this information effectively to gain the required knowledge to ultimately make the best purchase that will keep you satisfied for the longest period of time.

Borla Car Exhaust Systems

Borla is definitely one of the most reputable brands to be featured in this article; moreover, this positive reputation has been built up over many years of offering amazing car exhaust systems for a price that can easily be deemed as being inexpensive. One thing that you can be sure of is that you will be absolutely satisfied with the product that you have purchased if it is marked with the Borla brand nBorla Offset Universal Muffler Exhaust SystemCredit: Amazon.comame.


Marine Muffler Pairs

Turbo Mufflers

Turbo XL

XR-1 Sportsman Racing

Magnaflow Car Exhaust Systems

Magnaflow is one of the most aged brands to be featured in this article. The only downside to this brand is that they can be relatively expensive in comparison to other brands. However, they offer car exhaust systems that are absolutely phenomenal, so this extra price is warranted by the brand reputability. Be sure to check out the models that are listed below before any others, because they will provide you with the most satisfactiMagnaflow Stainless Steel Dual Exhaust TipCredit: Amazon.comon.

Glass Pack

XL Mufflers

5"X8" Oval Race Series

6" Round Race Series

3.5"X7" Oval Universal

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HKS Car Exhaust Systems

The HKS brand name is one of the most famous ones in the import vehicle scene; they offer car exhaust systems that are loud, durable, aggressive sounding, and offer a significant increase in performance. Moreover, they are offered for a decent price! Although these models can still be installed on domestic car, they will thrive over the competition when they are placed on the engine of an import vehicle.

Universal Stainless Hi-Power

Universal Titanium

Universal Carbon Ti


Legamax Premium

HKS 32003-BH005 Hi-Power Exhaust
Amazon Price: $360.00 $226.80 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 14, 2015)

Flowmaster Car Exhaust Systems

TFlowmaster Dual Cat Back Car Exhaust SystemCredit: Amazon.comhe models by Flowmaster are definitely famous in the industry that surrounds the big V8 engines that you may find in old models of Chevrolet, Ford, and Dodge. They produce a loud and aggressive sound that will nearly deafen anybody that is behind the vehicle when you hammer the gas. These car exhaust systems will run you up a pretty penny; however, they are the loudest, and best sounding pipes that you will ever hear.

Three Chamber Mufflers

Two Chamber Mufflers

Single Chamber Mufflers

Outlaw Shorty Round 3"

Scavenger Series Header Collector

Apexi Car Exhaust Systems

Although these models are not nearly as expensive as many of the others that are featured in this article, they do not possess as many features, and are not made of the same quality. These car exhaust systems are a great way to install something that will make a great amount of noise on your vehicle, while you are on a budget. Take a look at these models before any others, as they will provide you with the best bang for your buck.

Universal N1 Race

Universal Turbo Muffler


Hi Power 75mm Inlet

N1 Catback Race

When the thought of vehicle modification crosses people's minds, one of the first things that come to their heads are improving the noise that their vehicle makes. Many people have a desire to swap out their stock parts for ones that make a deeper, smoother, louder, and more aggressive sound. This article contains exactly the information that those readers will be looking for. It does a phenomenal job at listing and describing the most reputable brands of car exhaust systems, as well as the most popular models within each brand. Use this information to your advantage to surely make a purchase that will keep you absolutely satisfied for a substantial period of time.