One of the most popular and easily the most durable and efficient kinds of portable barbeques are cast iron hibachi grills. As a prime cooking surface that holds and distributes heat so much better than any other kind of material, it's no wonder why so many people are either interested in or have already fallen in love with any of the many amazing kinds of cast iron hibachi grills there are to choose from. With top brands like Kay Home Products, Lodge, Cajun Cookware, Update International, and Town Food Equipment producing some of the finest and best cast iron hibachi grills for sale, you can bet you'll be happy no matter what kind you are looking to get. In this article we will review the most popular kinds to look for, as well as where to buy them for cheap prices.

Lodge Cast Iron Hibachi Grills

Lodge has some very nice charcoal cast iron hibachi grills called the Sportman's Series which features a pre-seasoned grate. It has 2 adjustable cooking heights to choose from making them a bit more versatile. The Sportsman's models are ideal for those who enjoy having tailgating parties or having friends over on Sundays to watch the game.

Some of the prices on these cast iron hibachi grills are between $100 and $120 in many cases, but if you want to find them for cheap there are a few sites worth checking out. Amazon has them on sale for about $90, while DoItBest and both have them for about $83. There are several other online stores that have them for similar prices as well, but the tax and shipping prices all vary.

Cajun Cookware Cast Iron Hibachi Grills

Another pre-seasoned option to look at are the Cajun Cookware models. With a 15" round cooking surface, these cast iron hibachi grills come ready to use are great for camping and come with an easy-access door to the charcoal pit, as well as a sturdy carrying handle. At about 40 pounds in weight, they are some of the more heavy-duty types out there.

Most of the Cajun Cookware cast iron hibachi grills sell for around $100, but you can get the on sale for cheap from a website called for only about $88. At the time of writing this article they are running low on stock, so if they don't have any more when you look, you could try checking out eBay or Amazon for some competitive prices.

Kay Home Products Cast Iron Hibachi Grills

This is a very popular brand and they actually have two really nice cast iron hibachi grills for sale to consider. The first is the 30052DI 18" x 10" model which comes with 3 adjustable cooking grids that are specially designed to keep your food in place better by having sides that curve up, and also 2 adjustable air vents to allow you to control charcoal burn rate better.

You'll see these on sale on a lot of sites for about $25-$30 or so, which is still pretty reasonable for how nice they are, but you can find them for a lot cheaper from a few other sites like who has these cast iron hibachi grills for just $18. There are also quite a few other sites who have them in the $20 price range if you surf around a bit.

The other model from Kay Home Products is very similar to this one, it just has a slightly different look to it. It has a generous 133 square inches of cooking surface and these cast iron hibachi grills are a bit lighter in weight. The 30010 model is priced in the area of $30 normally but you can find them for a few bucks cheaper on, or you can get a used one from Amazon or eBay for about $15-$20.

Update International Cast Iron Hibachi Grills

Update International has some mini cast iron hibachi grills that are especially good for cooking Pu-Pu platters. At just 3.5" x 4.75", this is one of the tiniest kinds that you will find, and that is a big reason why they are so cheap. has them for a little over $7, and many other websites have them for similar kinds of prices in the $8-$9 range. You could even buy a dozen of them for only $81. That's almost a $30 savings when compared to some sites that have them on sale for $9 a piece.

Town Food Equipment Cast Iron Hibachi Grills

This company actually has a couple of different mini cast iron hibachi grills to look for, and they are a lot like the Update International model. The main difference is that the Town Food Equipment models come with attractive oriental carvings and designs on the outer shell, making them very appealing and unique, as well as a bit pricier. You can choose between the black, 3 pound, 3.5" x 4.75" model, which is priced at $16 at, or the diecast aluminum dragon designed, 3.75" x 4.75" models which are priced around $28 at Both of these are very durable and high quality mini cast iron hibachi grills and are pretty cheap considering how unique they are.