Since a black dress is one of the most common pieces of formal clothing that women choose to wear, many of them face the difficulty of choosing the best casual dress shoes to wear with it. Of course, you can simply choose any pair of shoes to wear with a black dress, and probably receive at least a few compliments; however, why would you want to look GOOD, when you have the potential to look GREAT? There are literally thousands of pairs of casual dress shoes that you can choose to wear with a black dress; however, this article is geared towards explaining two specific shoes that you should consider, and two specific aspects that you should keep in mind.

Nine West Axon Casual Dress Sandal

The reasons that I have chosen to write about this pair of Nine West casual dress shoes first is because they are simple, relatively affordable, and unique. These three factors form the trinity of the ability to look good when you are wearing a dress. They possess a modest heel that maintains a classy look while still looking fairly elegant. They are sold for a relatively inexpensive price; most women know that it is hard to find reputable pairs of casual dress shoes for under $100.

In addition, they possess certain features that are very unique to the style that Nine West has branded them self on. The ankle strap seems to go from thick to thin, and then to a buckle. This may be the slightest factor in your eyes; however, many people will notice this aspect when you are wearing these casual dress shoes with a black dress.

The Types Of Shoes That You Should Wear With A Black Dress Are Dependant On The Season

Although this may seem like the most basic and common knowledge, many people seem to simply overlook it! I cannot tell you how many times that I have seen women wearing open-toed shoes in the winter, and closed-toed shoes in the summer. The spring and autumn fall into the “iffy” category, and either of these types of shoes can be worn; however, the best types of shoes to wear with a black dress in the summer and winter are open-toed and closed-toed in that respective order.

In addition, be sure to take a look at your toe nails when you are wearing open-toed casual dress shoes with a black dress. I am not saying that you must pay for a pedicure every single time that you are opting to wear a pair of open-toed shoes, but you should definitely paint, or at least clean up, your toe nails.

Michael Kors Classic Slide Slide Sandal

I would primarily recommend these shoes to any women that is under 5 foot 2 inches, and wants to look a little bit taller without making it extremely noticeable that she is trying to gain some height. The reason that I say this is simply because the heel is designed in a manner that makes the height boost less noticeable without focus; the heels start out thin at the bottom, and then widen out closer to the top. This gradual widening makes the height increase less noticeable unless the person’s eyes are specifically focused on the heel!

In Addition to the unnoticeable height increase, these dress shoes are an inexpensive pair to wear with a black dress. Most people that are involved in the fashion industry know that it is quite difficult to find pairs of inexpensive Michael Kors casual dress shoes; however, to find a pair that looks like these for under $100 is practically a steal!

You Do Not Necessarily Have To Wear Black Casual Dress Shoes With A Black Dress

Many women are under the false impression that you have to wear a pair of black dress shoes with a black dress. There are obviously many advantages to choosing black casual dress shoes ; however, you must be aware that there are many other viable options.

I would highly recommend choosing a shoe color that will match another color that you are wearing. For instance, choosing to wear a pair of bright yellow casual dress shoes with a black dress and a bright yellow bracelet would look absolutely amazing! I would say that this combination would look absolutely perfect in the summer months, because it will bring out the brightness!