There are a lot of dishes on the market. Some are designed to make it easier to feed and water your cat. Others are designed to look good. Still others combine more than one aspect together to give you something really great for your cat. Cat water fountains are one of those things. There are several reasons that these types of water dishes are the best option and there are a lot of great cat water fountains to choose from.  

Why You Need a Cat Water Fountain

There are a number of reasons that many cat lovers turn to cat water fountains to water their cats. When you add these things together, there are plenty of compelling reasons to choose water fountains over simple water bowls.

  • Cats Prefer Running Water – Most cats prefer running water and really try to find it. They may jump into the sinks and tub to drink from the faucets. The running water is natural for them. It also allows them to smell that it is fresh.
  • Cats Don't Like to See Their Reflections When Drinking – While cats are smart, they aren't brilliant. They don't really like to see their reflection in the water. Somewhere in the back of their mind there is concern about that cat waiting for them.
  • Fountain Water is Fresher – In addition to cats preferring the running water, it really does make the water fresher. Fresher water is better for your cat.
  • Fountain Water Can Be Filtered – Many nice cat water fountains have filters that help to keep the water clean and fresh for your animal.
  • Cat Water Fountains Are Less Work – While cat fountains are enjoyed by your cat and are better for your cat, they are also easier for you. They need to be cleaned regularly, but you usually only have to fill it every few days and clean it once a week.
  • Cats Are Often Dehydrated – Because cats prefer the running water, they are often dehydrated because they choose to be dehydrated, much like people. This is especially true for cats that eat all dry food.  

Cat Mate Pet Fountain

The Cat Mate Pet Fountain features a three teir system that allows cats and small dogs to drink water at any level they feel comfortable with. It holds 72 ounces of water and has a small, quiet motor with a 10 foot cord. These great cat fountains also have a polymer-carbon filter for water purification. It's also easy to clean and can even be taken apart and thrown in the dishwasher. This water fountain gets great reviews and the only real downside is that it is made of plastic and that can cause cat acne.  

Cat Mate Pet Fountain

Hagen Catit Design Fresh and Clear

The Hagen Catit Design Fresh and Clear Cat Drinking Fountain also has amazing reviews, but a very different style. It has a large white base and a lime green top. The water is forced up from the bottom and then runs back into the base. It has a 360 degree design so that your cats and small dogs as well can get a drink from any side. The large surface area adds oxygen, makes it easy for them to get water, and provides fresh water. It also has a multi-stage filter. Once again it is still made from plastic and that's a concern.  

Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain

The Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain is another great fountain. It is particularly ideal for households that have more than one cat. It has a charcoal filter and spout rings that allow you to use one stream of water or more than one steam. You can have five spouts of water that flows down into the basin. It holds 128 ounces of water. For $40 you get a plastic variety or you can spend $70 and get a stainless steel variety. This is great for multi-cat homes and by choosing the stainless steel variety you will be able to prevent cat acne.  

Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

Drinkwell is a company that makes great pet fountains. Their Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain takes third place in our top cat water fountains list for a reason. This high rated water fountain holds 168 ounces of water. It has a large reservoir, a replaceable charcoal filter, a snap on lid, a pre-filter, and a submersible pump. This water fountain has a base that the water flows into and provides a five inch waterfall. It is more expensive and also plastic as the only down sides.  

Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain

The Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain is the original. It hods 50 ounces, which is significantly smaller than these other fountains. However, it is plenty for one cat, especially if it is a small cat. It provides a 5 inch waterfall the same way the platinum does. It also uses a charcoal filter for good tasting water. 

Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

Pioneer Fountain Big Max - Stainless Steel

The Pioneer Fountain Big Max- Stainless Steel has a large stainless steel bowl and a small stainless steel bowl. It has 128 ounce water capacity. The modern look goes with any home décor. However, the biggest plus that this fountain has is that it is stainless steel. It is slight more than some of the other fountains at about $25, but it is well worth it for the benefits of getting away from the plastic. It also has a charcoal filter and is really easy to clean and dishwasher safe.  

Pioneer Pet Ceramic Drinking Fountain - Raindrop

Another great option that gets rid of the plastic water dish is the Pioneer Pet Ceramic Drinking Fountain in the Raindrop design. This drinking fountain is heavy duty and made from ceramic. It has a charcoal filter, is safe for dishwashers, and has a 60 ounce capacity. It also has a great modern design that fits in with many different styles.   

There are a lot of great reasons to choose a cat drinking fountain. In addition, there are lots of great cat drinking fountains to choose from. When you are looking for a high quality fountain then you will need to spend at least $20 and many times more than that. A healthy cat who stays out of your sinks, away from your toilet, and out of the bath tub will be your reward.