Proper badminton shoes can be essential getting the edge you need. If you aren't agile and light on your feet you will get eaten up by someone that is. The right footwear is essential to being competitive. There are a wide variety of badminton shoes you can choose from. There are low profile shoes that help you maintain a lower center of gravity, There are midsole shoes that create a light, well cushioned feel.

Badminton is hard on your feet. You want to make sure you have sufficient foot protection. Competitive badminton is played on a hard surface. Whether it is parquet or any other hard surface. There are durability issues when it comes to the feet. Investing in a good pair of badminton shoes is one way to ensure longevity.

What Should You Consider When Buying Badminton Shoes?

Most importantly you have to know your foot type. There is neutral pronation, over pronation and under pronation. Understanding which foot type you are will help you pick the right shoe.

Someone with neutral pronation plants their weight on the heal of their foot and distributes weigh on the lateral side of their foot. This creates a centralized area of weight distribution. There are badminton shoes that support neutral pronating racket athletes. If you find the right pair you may get an undisclosed edge. Whatever you do don't tell the opponent you just waxed that you found a pair of shoes capable of lifting you to a dominating ability.

Someone with over pronation means the foot rotates away from the body. Weight gets distributed on the horizontal side of the heel. If you are a declared over pronator it is pretty vital that you find a pair of shoes that fit right. Badminton shoe technology is developing at a rate like no other. There are shoes specifically for over pronators.

If you are an under pronator this means you strike the ground on the lateral side of the heel. Your foot does not roll far enough in a media direction when you transfer weight on the forward step. This creates uneven resistance throughout your whole body and could actually cause sever back issues. When you're picking out a pair of badminton shoes you want to find ones that are made for under pronators.

Where Can You Buy Badminton Shoes?

Most tennis shoes will work as badminton shoes as well. The two games require similar sharp and agile movements. However if you are a serious gamer and you want badminton specific shoes, you can find them online.

The badminton specific online retailer,, has a pretty extensive selection of badminton shoes. There are shoes made with low profiles and midsoles for different types of support and weight distribution.

One factor to consider when you're picking out your badminton shoes is the weight of it. You want something that will keep you comfortable and supported but something also lets you move freely and quickly. One or two quick sharp movements and a dive save off a lobbed smash hit could be the difference between a win and a loss. Having the right shoes could keep you light enough on your feet to let you make that diving stab.

In fact having the right badminton shoes may be your best defense against smash hits. Usually when your opponent gets fed a smash situation, they'll think the point is theirs. If you can be light enough on your feet to simply get it back over the net, that may be enough to win the point.

How Much Do Badminton Shoes Cost?

The cost about the same as any other athletic shoe. Depending on the brand and features the price may vary. You can get them online for anywhere between $50 and $100. The main two badminton shoe brands are Yonex and Wilson. They are main players in all racket sports. It isn't surprising they are well established in the badminton shoe space as well.

Reebok did release a special edition badminton Pump, but it was quickly taken off the market. The badminton community didn't take to well to the concept. On top of that there were reports of the shuttle shaped pump on the tongue malfunctioning.

When you're picking out your badminton shoes be sure to understand what type of walker and runner you are. Your weight distribution is personal to you and you need a pair of badminton shoes that supports that. It could be the difference between one or two crucial points.